Athens: A project to build a bridge on the Turkish border


Kostas Frangoiannis, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of economic diplomacy, said that they intend to build a bridge on the border with Turkey to facilitate crossings between the two countries.

He added in his interview with the newspaper “Parapolitika” that they avoid touching on sensitive topics in Athens’ relations with Ankara.

He pointed to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries through 29 different fields, most notably transportation, environment, tourism and trade.

He reported that important steps had been taken to strengthen bilateral cooperation during the first three years of launching the positive agenda between the two countries, especially with regard to reviving tourism, trade facilitation, and protecting civilians.


Frangoiannis also pointed out that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed, during their recent meeting in New York, the continuation of the positive agenda between the two countries.

He stressed that the common goal of the two countries currently is to conclude agreements and memorandums of understanding on some topics during the upcoming summit on December 7 in the Greek region of Thessaloniki.

In the context of continuing the positive agenda between Ankara and Athens, the latter intends – according to Frangoiannis – to build a bridge on the border between the two countries at the “Ipsala” crossing by next year 2024.

He explained that the aim of building the bridge is to facilitate transportation and crossing operations on the Turkish-Greek border.