Altun: Turkey is present globally through effective mediation


Head of the Turkish Presidency’s Communications Department, Fahrettin Altun, confirmed that Turkey is present on the global scene through the effective mediation it carries out in resolving crises through diplomacy led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This came in a speech during a meeting of the Public Diplomacy Coordination Council in the Presidential Complex in the capital, Ankara, with the participation of deputy ministers and heads and deputy heads of institutions and bodies affiliated with the presidency.

Altun stressed that President Erdogan made unremitting efforts to make public diplomacy and strategic communication one of the state’s main strategic methods, which allowed great leaps to be made in this regard.

He pointed out that Turkey continues to move forward as an ally, an economic actor, and a center of attraction, and said: “Turkey is present as an actor on the global scene through effective mediation in resolving crises through the leadership diplomacy pursued by the president.”

He pointed out that the goal of public diplomacy activities is to strengthen Turkey’s name, noting that one of the most important capabilities available to Turkey is for President Erdogan to continue his dialogue with many international actors and lead effective diplomatic activities.


Altun stated that one of the most important pillars of public diplomacy activities is conveying Turkey’s point of view to the entire world in the most clear and transparent way regarding international and regional issues of concern to Ankara.

He also explained that revealing the potential of Turkey’s power in many fields such as culture, arts, sports, trade and science, enhancing its strength and introducing its values are considered the core of public diplomacy.

Altun touched on the activities carried out by the Council to date in the field of public diplomacy.

He stressed that Turkey has strong capabilities in the international arena and public diplomacy, stressing the need to exert more effort and cooperation to advance this ability and develop capabilities.

He added: “The Turkish foreign policy followed for 21 years continues its efforts to create an economic integration zone and contribute to resolving the crises surrounding it, and the crises that we have witnessed in our surroundings and in the world since 2020 have demonstrated the importance of Turkey to global public opinion.”

He continued: “Despite all the challenges and harsh tests, Turkey continues to take the right steps in its economy, and in this context it continues to move forward as an ally, economic actor, and center of attraction.”

He stressed that their main goal is to enhance Turkey’s international reputation, protect Turkey’s interests, and produce strategies against malicious propaganda and systematic disinformation campaigns against Turkey through effective communication methods and methods.