Adams wins the Democratic nomination for the New York City elections


Eric Adams won the Democratic primary on June 22 to select a candidate to run for mayor in New York City.

On Tuesday, the New York Electoral Commission announced the results of those elections, which were held with the participation of 13 Democratic candidates.

It is to choose a candidate to run in the official municipal elections scheduled for November 2, next in the city.


According to the commission, Adams received 50.5 percent of the vote, followed by Catherine Garcia, who received 49.5 percent.

Eric Adams, 60, is the Brooklyn borough chief who retired as chief of police in 2006, becoming a senator.

He will face Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa in the mayoral elections, to replace outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio, the winner of them.

It is estimated that there are 7 Democratic voters against every Republican voter in New York, which is the stronghold of Democrats.

Consequently, the chances of Republican candidate Sliwa are very weak against his Democratic opponent, Adams.