A Turkish woman gives hope to 5 patients who need organ transplants


A Turkish family donated the organs of their daughter after she died of a cerebral hemorrhage in a traffic accident to give hope to 5 patients waiting for an organ transplant.

Also, Turkish lawyer Nurfer Akgul, 38, who was residing in the capital, Ankara, had a car accident while traveling to Bolu state on Thursday.


Akgul, a mother of two children, was taken to Izzat Abant University Hospital in Bolu, where doctors diagnosed her with a cerebral hemorrhage, but she died on Saturday.

Based on the wish of the deceased, her family decided to donate her organs after her death, as her heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys were removed in an operation.

It was transferred to 5 patients in different states, while the body of the deceased was transferred to her hometown in the Golbashi region of Ankara for burial.

The sister of the deceased, Iver Ogesh, said that doctors at the hospital explained to the family about organ donation.

And she added: “We learned that my sister applied about a year ago to donate her organs, and we considered the matter as her personal will, and we decided to support her desire.”


She explained that her sister’s organs will give life to 5 other patients waiting for organ transplants and that this is the biggest consolation for her family.

For her part, the mother of the deceased, Najla Golsoy, expressed her deep sadness at the loss of her daughter, adding that she “spread hope in the hearts of 5 patients, and therefore I am reassured, so the prayers of these patients will suffice her, God willing.”