A Turkish jewelry designs gold and silver cups for the Qatar World Cup


Gold and silver cups designed by Turkish Sabri Demirci, one of the main goldsmiths in the covered market (Grand Bazaar) in Istanbul, on the occasion of Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, received great admiration for the beauty of its design and the quality of its manufacture.


Sabri Demirci, who has been crafting and designing gold and silver jewelry for nearly 35 years, has received special design requests from jewelry collectors and famous jewelry stores in Qatar, which is hosting the World Cup.

After 5 months of work, Demirci created special jewelry through which he showed the symbols of Qatar, as well as groups of cups, each of which contained 200 grams of 18-karat gold and 4.5 kilograms of silver.

Demirci was able to deliver the first set of gold and silver cups to Qatar, while he continues to work hard to prepare new sets of cups and gold jewelry that won the admiration of his customers.


Sabri Demirci said the clients wanted the designs for the orders to “represent Qatar in the best way possible and to be original”.

He added, “A group of clients from Qatar visited me and asked me for special designs on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup matches.”

He continued, “The designs bore the official logo of Qatar for the World Cup, a soccer ball and falcon claws, in addition to a map of the State of Qatar bearing the names of the stadiums and the provinces in which the matches will be held.”

He continued: “We also used black alabaster to denote the mystical wealth owned by Qatar, and we worked hard for about 5 months to create different and original designs that reflect the nobility of the Arab Gulf state.”


Demirji pointed out that he made exceptional efforts in order to produce unique and distinctive designs commensurate with the World Cup, noting that designing such jewelry and works requires a lot of time and effort.

He said, “We have built all designs and works on the falcon, which occupies a symbolic place in Qatar, and then we have already presented the logo of the official ball of the World Cup and the symbol of infinity. The launch of the first product always requires exceptional efforts.”

The Turkish jeweler stated: “It is not always easy to meet the expectations of the other party, but in the end our designs won the admiration of the customers who were completely satisfied with them.”


Demirci explained that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has a special place in the world in terms of the original designs it embraces and the designers and craftsmen who work in it and always put their special touches on those designs.

He stated that he sends gold jewelry of his design and production to many parts of the world.

He said, “I started working in this market since the age of eleven. I worked in one of the famous workshops in the market and learned the handicrafts that Turkey is famous for worldwide.”

He pointed out that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul embraces a wide range of handicrafts that have become extinct from many European countries.


He concluded by saying: “Here, gold jewelry is produced by hand. Handicrafts form a special place for us working in the Grand Bazaar, through which we work to provide customers with original and unique designs.”