A group of Ahiska Turks arrive in Georgia


Turkish diplomatic sources revealed that a group of Ahiska Turks, who were living in Kherson, Ukraine, entered Georgian territory, as a prelude to transferring them to Turkey.


On Saturday, the sources reported that, at the initiative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry and the Turkish Embassy in Moscow, a group of 84 Ahiska Turks had recently been transferred to Russia.

She explained that 4 others who had previously arrived in Russia also joined the group, explaining that 88 people from the Ahiska Turks entered Georgian lands in preparation for their transfer to Turkey.

It is expected that the group will arrive in Turkey through the “Sarb” border crossing with Georgia during the following hours, as the concerned authorities have taken all preparations for their entry into the country and hosting them.

The same sources reported that 84 Ahiska Turks left Kherson on October 31 for Russia.


The Ahiska Turks were residing in an area bearing their name in southwestern Georgia, with a population of more than half a million people, but the Soviet government exiled them on October 14, 1944 to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Siberia.

The number of Ahiska Turks who live outside their homeland is estimated at 500,000, of whom 20,000 live in the United States.