30.9 degrees below zero, the lowest temperature recorded in Turkey


The Turkish Meteorological Directorate announced on Tuesday that the lowest temperature recorded was 30.9 minus zero in Gorun district in the central state of Sivas.

According to the directorate’s statement, the lowest score was recorded in the village of Göbek Oran during the past 24 hours.


It is followed by the district of Guerida in the state of Bolu, where the temperature dropped to minus 29.6 degrees, and then the district of Diwan in the same state.

The temperature fell in the district of Banarbashi in the state of Kayseri (central) to minus 26.8 degrees, and minus 25.4 degrees in the district of Kulungum in the state of Malatya.

Many regions of Turkey are witnessing a snow storm that has halted traffic on the main roads between and within cities, and suspended travel at Istanbul International Airport.