184 people accused of improper building construction were imprisoned


Turkish Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ announced on Saturday that he had made statements and collected evidence in 7,598 buildings that collapsed in the earthquake, and imprisoned 184 people as part of investigations to hold those responsible for their poor construction accountable.

Bozdağ, along with İnterior Minister Süleyman Soylu, held a press conference in Diyarbakir to inform the public about the developments of the ongoing investigations into the collapsed buildings.

Bozdağ confirmed that the rubble of any collapsed building was not removed until sufficient evidence of the cause of the collapse was collected under judicial supervision.


In this context, he explained, he collected evidence of 7,598 buildings collapsed in the earthquake, according to the latest toll, with the continuation of uncovering the rest of the collapsed buildings.

He added that the judicial authorities issued an arrest warrant against 55 suspects and ordered the detention of 184 others, including 79 contractors, pending investigations.

On February 6, a double earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, the first measuring 7.7 degrees and the second 7.6 degrees, followed by thousands of violent aftershocks, killing tens of thousands, mostly in southern Turkey, in addition to massive destruction.