10 leading Turkish companies in artificial intelligence


10 Turkish companies distinguished by research and development solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and deep technologies intend to present their work to investors at the “Vivatech Technology” exhibition scheduled to start in France tomorrow, Wednesday.

This was reported by Sardar Alamdar, General Director of the Technology City Department at the Middle East Technical University in the Turkish capital, Ankara, in a statement he made.

Alamdar pointed out that the “Vivatech Technology Fair” will be held during the period from May 22 to 25.

He explained that they support leading Turkish companies in the field of artificial intelligence with comprehensive services through the Entrepreneurship Office that was established in Silicon Valley, the world-famous technology center in San Francisco in the United States.


He added that they are trying to facilitate the entry of R&D studies for entrepreneurs and new Turkish companies into the American market.

Alamdar emphasized that artificial intelligence solutions have recently become the focus of interest around the world.

He continued: “We decided to showcase our emerging companies that feature artificial intelligence solutions in European markets as well.”

He added: “In this context, we have selected 10 Turkish companies that excel in both artificial intelligence and deep technologies. We will present their research and development projects to investors at the Vivatech Technology Exhibition” in France.

He added: “These companies, whose technologies we trust, will have the opportunity to create a global network in a technology exhibition that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship.”