Erdogan to Israel: We will declare you a war criminal


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that his country is determined to declare Israel a “war criminal” to the whole world.

He added during a massive public gathering in support of Palestine in Istanbul: “We knew that Israel would be upset by our saying that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, yet we expressed our position clearly.”

President Erdogan continued: “Israel will announce to the entire world that you are a war criminal, and we are working on that.”


He stressed that “what is happening in Gaza is not (self-defense), but rather a clear and despicable massacre. They are seeking to eliminate the population of Gaza en masse through starvation and thirst and destroying their health services.”

He explained, “Israel does not care about killing people, and they say frankly and clearly: ‘We know killing well, but you will pay a heavy price for that.'”

Addressing the Israelis, he said: “Be fully confident that you and your children will need Turkey in the future like your grandparents.”

Erdogan added: “Come and listen to our demands and our call to deliver humanitarian aid, establish peace, and open the doors of dialogue.”