Russia intensifies its attacks on the Ukrainian capital


Russia intensified its operations against the capital, Kyiv, as part of its military attack on Ukraine, to install a government loyal to it, according to expectations.


On Friday, it was reported that explosions were heard on Thursday-Friday night in the capital, Kyiv, with the sound of sirens at dawn on Friday.

He explained that the Russian army bombed the targets of the Ukrainian army in and around Kyiv.

He indicated that a missile hit a building southeast of the capital during the attacks, injuring 8 people after a fire broke out in the building.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Kyiv was subjected to horrific missile attacks amid the rubble of damaged buildings and smashed planes.

It was pointed out that a warplane had been shot down over the city, which at first thought it was Russian, but later turned out to be a Ukrainian plane.


He pointed out that Russia is trying to tighten the noose around Kyiv through ground operations in addition to air operations, with the Ukrainian army destroying 3 bridges in the vicinity of the capital to prevent the advance of Russian forces.

In this regard, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anna Maliar confirmed that Russian units are advancing towards the center of Kyiv after seizing Ukrainian military vehicles.

Adviser to the Minister of the Interior Anton Gerashchenko said that a Russian tank convoy is about to enter Kyiv from the Ivankov and Chernikiv sides.

“This day will be difficult,” Gerashchenko added, referring to the possibility of destroying Russian tanks with Ukrainian anti-armor.


The fiercest clashes also took place between the forces of the two countries at the Gostomel Antonov military airport, which is about 40 km from the center of the capital, Kyiv.

The Presidency of the Ukrainian General Staff confirmed in a previous statement that its forces had regained control of the airport hours after the Russian forces took control of it.

As for the reason for Russia’s intensification of its military operations on Kyiv, it is seen that Moscow is seeking through this to control the capital and install a pro-Russian government.

US officials say that Russian forces are between 30 and 35 km from Kyiv.

And at dawn on Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that he was at the helm, indicating that they had received information that the “enemy” had made him the first target, and his family the second target.


And he added, “They want to eliminate Ukraine politically by eliminating the head of state.”

He pointed out that “enemy subversive groups” entered Kyiv, calling on residents of the capital to be careful and abide by the rules of the curfew.

The Ukrainian president considered that his country was left alone in the face of Russia.

The Ukrainian presidency also announced earlier the loss of control over the Chernobyl nuclear plant and its fall under the control of Russian forces, as this station is about 130 km from Kyiv.

Concerning the outcome of the losses, the Ukrainian authorities announced that 137 civilians and soldiers had been killed, and 316 wounded, since the start of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine at dawn on Thursday.


At dawn on Thursday, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, which was followed by angry reactions from several countries in the world and calls for tougher sanctions against Moscow.