Cryptocurrency prices drop amid anticipation of Omicron fallout


The price of the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” and its peers fell on Thursday, amid anticipation of the repercussions of the new Coronavirus “Omicron”.

As well as the central bank policy measures to deal with high inflation and the return of closures.


At 8:34 GMT, Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, was trading down 2.30 percent on a daily basis to $48,315.6.

The market value of the currency reached 923.67 billion dollars, with a total of 18.907 million units traded out of a total of 21 million traded units.

Ethereum, the world’s second-largest digital currency by market value, also fell 3.07 percent to $3,931, with a total market capitalization of $475.25 billion.

Binance Coin fell 1.73% to $527.42, while the Solana currency fell 4.32 percent to $179.14.

The market value of the total virtual currencies in the world fell to 2.258 trillion dollars, distributed over 15,955 thousand virtual currencies.


It is traded through 447 platforms, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Virtual currencies do not have a serial number, and are not under the control of governments and central banks like traditional currencies, but are only dealt with over the Internet without a physical presence of it.