Turkish Central Bank: deflation in inflation rate is coming these months

In a statement, the Turkish Central Bank announced its assessment of the reality of the economy in Turkey, where the bank indicated...

The First Nuclear Power Plant In Turkey Is On The Way

The Turkish government announced that it will speed up the procedures for building the first nuclear power plant in Turkey, which was...
Istanbul new canal

Turkey offers the first tender for the new Istanbul Canal project

A Turkish Ministry of Transport spokesperson said that Turkey has launched the first tender for the construction of the new Istanbul water...
borsa istanbul

New gains for Istanbul Stock Exchange with the opening on Friday

Turkey’s main stock index rose 0.33% or 30,629 points on Friday, starting today at 91,833.88 points. While at Thursday’s...
Turkish banks ATM

Turkish banks help companies in light of the Coronavirus crisis

Turkish banks A number of Turkish banks announced an economic initiative aimed at easing the burdens of companies in light of the Coronavirus...
Face Mask

The Turkish Ministry of Trade abolishes the customs tax on face masks

The Turkish Ministry of Trade has announced the cancellation of the added customs tax, which is imposed on disposable medical face masks.

The World Bank extends the partnership program with Turkey

The World Bank The Board of Directors of the World Bank Group decided to extend the current partnership program with Turkey for a...

A new $ 15 billion economic plan to face the Coronavirus

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced a new economic plan worth $ 15.3 billion, named the "Economic Shield", to avoid the...

The Turkish Central Bank lowers the interest rate to the single digits

The exchange rate of the Turkish lira improved today after the Turkish Central Bank decided to reduce the interest rate to the...

The global oil price decline is reflected in the Turkish market

Gasoline prices fell significantly in Turkey on Friday, and the price of one liter reached 5.53 Liras.Local media said that the price...

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