American Rabbi: We pray for the demise of the State of Israel


Rabbi Yisrael David Weiss of the anti-Zionist International Jewish Organization said that the Israelis established their state by stealing from the Arabs, and we pray for the disappearance of Zionist Israel and for Palestine to be liberated as soon as possible.

“This is why we cry with the Palestinians,” added American Rabbi Weiss, a prominent member of the organization known internationally as the “Neturei Karta” movement that opposes Zionism.

This came in his speech about Zionist thought, the violence practiced against the Palestinians, and the seizure of their lands.

Weiss stated that there are many people who confuse Judaism and Zionism and are confused about the matter.

He said, “Zionism, which is the ideology of the State of Israel, tries to portray itself as a Jewish state, but Zionism is an ideology and has no relation to Judaism, which is a religion.”

He pointed out that Zionism caused the Nakba in 1948, in which the Palestinians were subjected to forced displacement.


He stressed that “Judaism and Zionism are as separate as the earth and the sky, and contradict each other.”

Referring to the Torah’s commandments, “Do not kill and do not steal,” Rabbi Weiss said, “Killing and stealing are clearly forbidden for us, while these people (Israel) established their state by stealing from the Arabs. That is why we cry with the Palestinians.”

Weiss stressed that “Israel is an anti-Semitic state that produces and incites hatred.”

He continued, saying: “As religious Jews, we pray to the Lord every day for the speedy demise of the Zionist State of Israel, which has caused so much blood of Palestinians and Jews to be shed.”

He also pointed out that they are praying for Palestine to gain its freedom as soon as possible.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the death toll from the “Israeli aggression” on the Strip since October 7 had risen to 8,306 martyrs, including 3,457 children.

Violent Israeli raids resulted in the destruction of entire residential neighborhoods. Israel also implemented its siege on Gaza, preventing all supplies of electricity, water, fuel, and medicine, which portends a catastrophic situation, according to international warnings.