A Turkish court decides to imprison 8 people


A Turkish court decided to imprison eight people suspected of carrying out provocative acts and incitement on social media platforms against refugees and irregular migrants.

A statement issued by the Ankara Police on Saturday said that the Security Branch Directorate, the Anti-Cybercrime Department, and the Intelligence Department began joint investigations against accounts that engage in provocations and incitement to hatred on social media sites.

The statement added that the security teams identified 27 accounts that shared posts urging mutual hatred on social media, including opposing refugees and immigrants and inciting hostility towards the Turks in front of public opinion.


The Turkish Public Prosecution opened an investigation against the suspects on charges of “inciting the people to hatred and hostility” and “spreading misleading information publicly.”

The statement indicated that the Public Prosecution interrogated the 27 suspects and decided to refer 23 of them to justice and released four.

In turn, the court decided to imprison eight of the detainees and release 15 of them on the condition that they be banned from traveling and placed under judicial supervision.