Washington authorizes the use of a second oral anti-corona drug


On Thursday, US health authorities approved the second anti-coronavirus drug that can be taken orally to treat the virus at home.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the drug “molnopiravir” produced by the American company “Merck” for adults with early symptoms of the virus.


They face a higher risk of hospitalization, the Associated Press reported.

Those categories include the elderly and those with conditions such as obesity and heart disease, she added.

This came one day after the administration approved the use of the competing drug “Paxlovid”, which is produced by the “Pfizer” company.

This is by adults and children aged 12 or older who have tested positive for coronavirus and are at risk of hospitalization.

The administration explained that the drug “molnopiravir” carries a warning against its use during pregnancy, so women of childbearing age should use contraceptives during treatment and for a few days after that.


As a result, molnopiravir is expected to have a lesser role in fighting the virus than was expected just a few weeks ago.

There are risks from its use, including the possibility of birth defects, according to the “Associated Press.”

Also, the drug “Pfizer” does not carry the same risks and is almost three times more effective, as it reduces the risks of hospitalization and death.

At nearly 90 percent, this is among high-risk patients, compared to just 30 percent for Merck.

It is noteworthy that the approval of the two drugs comes at a time when the United States is witnessing a rise in injuries and deaths caused by Corona.


And this is amid health officials warning of an outbreak of new infections caused by the Omicron virus.

It should also be noted that all drugs previously approved against the Coronavirus require an injection or intravenous injection, and are not taken orally.

And last November, the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency approved the use of “molnopiravir” pills, to be the first country to approve the use of a drug to treat corona at home.

The British agency indicated that the drug is “safe and effective in reducing the risks of transportation to hospitals, and reducing death in patients with mild to moderate symptoms who are candidates for their condition to become dangerous.”


As of Thursday evening, the United States had recorded 52 million and 510 thousand and 978 infections with the Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Among them, 833 thousand and 29 deaths, according to the website “WorldMeter”.