UN: 24,000 Sudanese displaced as a result of violence in South Kordofan


On Thursday, the United Nations announced the displacement of more than 24,000 people as a result of the tribal violence in the state of South Kordofan, the farthest south of Sudan.


A report issued by the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs stated that “thousands of people have recently been displaced by violence and conflict between nomads and farmers in South Kordofan State.

They need food, non-food items, and access to health services.”

He said: “On December 10, 1,900 people were displaced from Kadbar district to Dalami district in South Kordofan state.

This is due to an attack on farmers from the (African) Nuba tribe, and the displaced did not receive humanitarian aid.”

The report indicated that humanitarian organizations “resumed their operations on December 7 in the Abu Jubeiha area in South Kordofan state.


This is after the security situation improved following the outbreak of the conflict in the region on November 30 (November) last.”

The report pointed out that “the Governmental Humanitarian Aid Commission and the Sudanese Red Crescent conducted an assessment of the humanitarian needs in the Abu Jubeiha area.”

He added that the results of the assessment indicate the displacement of about 13,600 people to the Al-Rashad area and 8,800 people to Al-Rahmaniya area.

And on Wednesday, the Sudanese authorities announced that more than 13,000 people were affected by tribal violence in the Abu Jubeiha area in South Kordofan State (South).


On December 5, the state of South Kordofan decided to impose a curfew in the Abu Jubeiha area of ​​the state, after tribal clashes that left 5 people dead.

Tribal fighting usually erupts in the country over disputes over grazing areas, water resources, and land ownership.