Washington praises the “cooperation and flexibility” of the Taliban


The United States on Thursday praised the Taliban’s “cooperation” and “flexibility” in completing the evacuations from Afghanistan.

This came in a White House statement published following the landing of the first evacuation plane after the US withdrawal in Qatar.


The statement stated that the Taliban “were cooperating in facilitating the take-off of an evacuation plane from Hamid Karzai Airport carrying American citizens and others who have the right to reside in the United States.”

The White House added in the statement: “They have shown flexibility and professionalism in the communication that took place between us.”

The US administration described what the Taliban did as a “positive first step.”

On Thursday evening, the first evacuation plane arrived from Afghanistan after the US withdrawal at the end of last August, with a number of foreigners on board.

The plane belonged to Qatar Airways, and there were 200 people on board.