The Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Market) in Turkey – All you need to know


Istanbul’s attractions are not limited to its churches, museums, mosques, and beautiful islands. and one of the most amazing places in the city is the Spice Market or the Egyptian Bazaar.

If you like original spices and flavors, do not miss visiting the Egyptian Bzzar (Spice Market).


The Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul is a symbol of Turkish culture and traditions, as well as the wonderful and historical city of Istanbul.

When you go on a tour in Istanbul, definitely one of your goals is to buy from the markets of this city.

And most importantly, you are looking to buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends, and this market could be one of your ideal options.

The Egyptian Market, which is also known as the Spice Market, is in fact one of the historical monuments and markets of Istanbul, as it shows you part of the culture and customs of the people of Istanbul, and is a very good place to buy local and traditional Turkish products and spices for travelers.

Stay with us to learn more about this wonderful and historical place in Istanbul.

The Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul (Spice Market)

The Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul can actually be one of the best tourist attractions in the city.

This bazaar is located in the European part of Istanbul, directly in an area called “Eminonu”, near the famous Fatih district.

It was also built near famous mosques such as Yeni Mosque, Sulaymaniyah Mosque and Rustem Pasa.


A look at the history of the Egyptian market in Istanbul

The history of this bazaar goes back many years, it is also known as the most famous covered bazaar.

It was originally for perfumers, but over time, and after years, it became a warehouse of food in the city and then it became a market for selling medicinal plants.

Not only spices, but medicines were also sold in This market.

The Spice Market is called “Koca Kasim Ağa”, the architect who built the building is Mustafa Aga.

It is also said that the Spice Bazaar is part of a larger building known as Yeni Jami (New Mosque) in Istanbul.

Istanbul Spice Bazaar was built in the year 1660.


The buildings of the New Mosque were constructed between the years 1660 and 1665 by Queen (Hatice Turhan Sultan) the mother of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.

Istanbul Spice Bazaar was originally known as the New Bazaar, but its name was later changed to the Egyptian Bazaar.

Spice shops shrunk dramatically in the 1970s, shops for clothes, carpets, nuts and souvenirs have reopened instead of perfume shops and now they have 85 stores.

It should be noted that this market is the largest indoor complex in Istanbul after Istanbul Grand Bazaar.

The reason for calling this market “the Egyptian” goes back to the time when the Ottoman rulers were taking taxes from Egypt.

This market was made from Egyptian taxes, and the Ottoman government made it a center for the spice trade in Turkey.

The market has been rebuilt several times.


The last time the walls of this bazaar were renovated was in 2018, so that tourists can see a new old bazaar and take some souvenir pictures as they pass in front of the various bazaar rooms.

The word mısır in Turkish has two meanings: “Egypt” and “corn”

It is interesting to know that for this reason sometimes it means “corn market”, and note that this market has long been a center for the spice trade in Istanbul.

But in the last years, most of the stores have changed their use and are seeking career advancement.

The Egyptian Bazaar site in Istanbul

Spice Bazaar is located in Fatih and Eminonu areas, near Galata Bridge and Sultanahmet Square, about twenty minutes to half an hour’s walk from Sultanahmet Mosque, and you can go to it straight from Taksim Square.

First enter the Taksim Square metro station and take the train F1, and get off at Kabatash station, then go to the tram station, go up to the tram, and get off at Eminonu station, the Egyptian Bazaar is located in front of Eminonu station.


Designing of the Egyptian Market in Istanbul

This market is in the shape of a letter (L), and the architecture of the market is very beautiful.

The ceilings and walls are beautifully designed and of course the taste of the shopkeepers in arranging their goods helped make the general atmosphere of the market more beautiful.

It looks like a strange place in Macondo land as we listen to magic tricks Mysterious!

Egyptian Market stores

This market is not very big! Only 85 stores! This means your share of sightseeing and bargaining with the shopkeepers is nothing more than just passing 85 stores.

You can see the hanging sausages, taste the colorful cheeses, look at the symbols of Istanbul and buy souvenirs from the shops.

And you can enjoy a delicious glass of orange juice from the street vendors in the market.

In this market you can test mixed flavors, as the Spice Market was and still is the central market for the spice trade in Istanbul for a long time.


In the past few years, many other stores have replaced the spice stores and became an integrated market.

In addition to spices, there are very delicious sweets, honey, coffee, tea, and many handicrafts, also if you want to buy souvenirs, know that this market has stores that sell things like clothes and shoes, as well as home appliances, etc.

In addition to that there are many juice and ice cream cafes that you can visit.

Sit in the very famous coffee shop near the bazaar, which dates back 100 years, and order the café’s distinctive coffee, the name of this cafe is Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi.

If you like coffee, we suggest that you visit this cafe and drink coffee while enjoying moments of the traditions and culture of the people of this city.


When does the spice market open its doors in Istanbul?

The market is open all days of the week from 9 am to 7 pm, except for Sundays, which are open from 10 am to 6 pm.

You can visit this market and touch the beauty of this historical and ancient place in Istanbul closely.

The market is still stuck in the minds of many of us, you can walk in this market for hours and see its colorful and beautiful spices and you will never feel bored.

This market is always accompanied by the sounds of the shopkeepers and the noise and smells of beautiful and tempting spices.

Take a slow stroll and you will find everything from dairy shops, carpets and jewelry To nuts and dried fruits in this market.

It will be a short trip, but at the same time distinctive and will remain stuck in your memory.

So on your trip to beautiful Istanbul, do not forget to put the Egyptian market on your agenda.