The costs of transferring the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey – all you need to know


Before buying a house in Turkey, you should get enough information on various matters related to this field. Especially about the costs of title deeds (Tapu) in Turkey.

Where many people have suffered financial losses and various crimes in recent years due to insufficient information about them.


The Turkish government has also prevented some of them from investing in real estate in its lands due to unintended violations.

You should know that there are three types of real estate (Gayrimenkul) in Turkey:

  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial and office property
  • Land

The blue title deed is issued only for lands that do not have a building permit.

The red title deed for land and real estate is issued with the building permit and you will get a red document for buying a house in Turkey.

It is also necessary to know that the minimum investment in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property is 250 thousand dollars.

Also, buying a property in Turkey enables you to easily obtain temporary and renewable residence in Turkey. Of course, residence in Turkey can be converted to permanent residence (Or citizenship) after 5 to 8 years.

All three types of real estate can be purchased for a residence permit in Turkey.

Title Deed (Tapu) In Turkey

If you are planning to buy a property in Turkey, you must have heard the name Tapu (title deed in Turkey).

In Turkey, the legal and official document that establishes the absolute ownership of the property is called (Tapu).


Steps and details of buying a house and transferring the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey

In Turkey, the possibility of buying and selling residential and commercial units, such as buying a house in Istanbul, is provided to foreigners in order to attract foreign tourists and foreign capital.

In order to buy and sell real estate, homes and even commercial units in Turkey, it is necessary to present a valid document, issued by the Land Registry Office, on behalf of the property owner so that buyers can buy with confidence.

The process of buying real estate in Turkey differs from other countries, as the time required to transfer ownership and register in the registry varies depending on whether the house is newly built or used.

If the house is used and the property is owned by a real person (the document is not in the name of the construction company), the title deed (Tapu) will be delivered to the buyers in one day.

In the other case, if the purchased house is newly built and is sold directly from the construction company. In this case, because the initial steps for registering homes in the Turkish Registry have not yet taken place, and the time required to submit the administrative process is a bit longer, it will take from a week to 20 working days and then the title deed will be delivered to the buyers.


There is a different case in Turkish documents which is the lack of accurate registration of the area of ​​the house, due to the fact that the type of property is sold as flooring.

Basically, what you are buying is not Turkish land, but the floor of an apartment complex that you own entirely. (Shares within the condominium)

As in the complexes, the facilities and public spaces such as the swimming pool, green spaces and children’s garden are common to the units of the complex and all units share it but cannot be added or registered separately in the document.

Once the title deed is delivered to the buyer, the buyer can easily sell it or transfer the title to others.

The title deed can also be in the name of two or more people, or even if necessary, the names of others can be added to the house deed later.

Once you have the Tapu, you can easily apply for a one-year residence or permanent residence in Turkey by contacting the Turkish Immigration Office.


How to apply for a Title deed (Tapu) Document in Turkey

You must make an appointment in advance to conduct business in the Turkish registry offices.

To book an appointment at one of the Land Registry branches, you can go to ​​or call 181. An SMS will be sent to your phone, specifying the day and time of the appointment.

Documents needed to apply for a title deed (Tapu) in Turkey

  • Real estate title deed certificate required.
  • Ownership transfer request.
  • Tax Number.
  • Original and copy of the foreign passport (a translated copy is also required).
  • It is required to obtain a certificate of the real value of land and property (real estate experience) from expert companies approved by the Land Registry Office.
  • Seismic housing or workplace insurance (DASK insurance).
  • One personal photograph of the seller and two photographs of the buyer.
  • If the foreigner does not speak Turkish, he/she must have an official translator with him/her.
  • If the process of transferring the title deed is under preparation outside Turkey with an official deputation, it is necessary to submit the original deputation or the relevant certified certificate, which has been translated into Turkish.


The costs of transferring the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey

Regarding the cost of transferring the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey, according to Turkish law, from January 1, 2020 onwards, in transactions related to buying and selling, the total cost related to the title deed will be 4% of the property value.

This fee is calculated as 4% of the sale price mentioned in the document for all properties sold (housing, workplace, land, farm, etc.).

The costs related to the registration and transfer of the title deed of real estate in Turkey are borne equally by the parties to the transaction, that is, half to half (2% borne by the seller and 2% borne by the buyer).

The transfer is handled by the Directorate General of Land Registry and Cadastre (Tapu ve Kadastro).

The seller and the buyer must be present, unless either party gives a deputation for the final signature.

4% of the declared value of the property is paid as transfer tax to Tadu Kadastro Harcı.

In the case of buying a used house, all costs are paid by the buyer according to Turkish custom.

There are also many costs and taxes to be paid (not exceeding 2500 TL), as follows:

  • Translation of the passport at the notary public.
  • Translation of proof of address to open a bank account with a notary public.
  • sworn translator.
  • Invitation (optional).
  • Getting a tax number and photos.

In which banks can I pay the costs of transferring the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey?

You can use the credit cards of all banks except Vakif Katilim, Ziraat Katilim and PTT cards to indicate the online payment gateway of the Revenue Office (Gelir Idaresi) and pay the fee.

Also, if you want to pay the amount through bank branches, you can apply through the following bank branches:

  • Ziraat Bankası
  • Ziraat Katılım Bankası
  • Halk Bankası
  • Vakıflar Bankası
  • Vakıf Katılım Bankası
  • PTT


Property Debt Inquiry

Note that before paying, be sure to inquire about the property you are looking for and never make a transaction until you are aware of the property’s debts.

You can inquire about the tax debts of the property in the municipality to which it belongs.

Important points to consider when buying a property in Turkey

  • Be sure to receive and read a copy of the document when preparing the contract.
  • Don’t pay anything until you are aware of all the property issues.
  • Don’t pay more than 10% of the deposit amount and pay the rest on the day the title deed (Tapu) is transferred.
  • Make sure that the specification of the unit you have chosen is exactly what is written in the affidavit and the document and there is no contradiction in it.
  • When buying a property, be sure to seek help from a trusted expert so that you do not fall into the trap of scammers and exploiters.