Istanbul Technical University (ITU) – Courses & Tuition Fees – All You Need To Know


Due to the low cost of living and studying in Turkey and the high standard of teaching in this country, Turkish universities have become one of the main destinations for foreign students to continue their education.


Istanbul Technical University is one of the public universities in Turkey, which has a long history in the field of education, and also cooperates with international universities under the name of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, a program that is very popular among students.

In this article, we will learn about this university, its facilities, and how to get admission in it, so stay with us.

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) was founded in 1773 by Sultan Mustafa III as the Faculty of Naval Engineering in the Ottoman Empire.

It was the third largest technical university in the world at the time, and over time the university’s activities expanded from training military personnel to teaching architecture in the nineteenth century and civil engineering in the twentieth century.

Today, the university focuses on engineering majors and offers various majors in basic sciences and social sciences.

The important thing about Istanbul Technical University is the international agreement that this university has with the best American universities through the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.


Where students who study at Istanbul Technical University can spend part of their education in world famous universities, and obtain a certificate from these universities as well.

Istanbul Technical University focuses on research and development, as the first boats in Turkey were built at this very same University, the first hydrogen-powered boat and the first driverless car, in addition to the design of the first communication satellite in Turkey.

For this reason, it is not farfetched to expect that Mustafa Inan Library, the central library of Istanbul Technical University, is the largest reference for engineering and basic science books in Turkey.

The library contains about 533,000 books on different subjects and 600 volumes from the Ottoman era, also it is connected to other libraries through databases, and that is why many students use this library for research and study.

Faculties and majors at Istanbul Technical University and their fees

Istanbul Technical University has 13 different faculties, each offering several specializations. These faculties are divided into:

College of Computer Science and Informatics
SpecializationStudy languageFee / Annually
computer engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
Information Systems EngineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
Navy College
Maritime Transport EngineeringTurkish4183 Turkish lira
Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
electrical engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish lira
electrical engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish lira
Electronics and Communication EngineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish lira
Electronics and Communication EngineeringEnglish3323 Turkish lira
Control engineering and automationTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish lira
Control engineering and automationEnglish3323 Turkish lira
College of Arts and Sciences
physical engineeringTurkish – 30% English2785 Turkish lira
chemistryTurkish – 30% English2785 Turkish lira
Mathematical engineeringTurkish – 30% English2785 Turkish lira
Molecular biology and geneticsEnglish2785 Turkish lira
College of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Naval architecture and engineeringTurkish – 30% English4183 Turkish lira
Ship engineering and marine technologyTurkish – 30% English4183 Turkish lira
Faculty of Civil Engineering
environmental engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
environmental engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
geomatics engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
geomatics engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
civil engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
civil engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
map engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
map engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
College of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
food engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
Chemical EngineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
Materials and Metallurgy EngineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
Management college
EconomyEnglish3048 Turkish lira
the industrial engineeringEnglish3048 Turkish lira
Business ManagementEnglish3048 Turkish lira
management engineeringEnglish3048 Turkish lira
College of Mining Engineering
geophysical engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
geoengineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
Mining EngineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
Petroleum and natural gas engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
mechanical engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
Faculty of Architecture
architectureTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
architectureEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
landscape architectureTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
City planningEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
City planningTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
Industrial Product DesignEnglish3323 Turkish Liras
Faculty of Textile Engineering and Design
textile engineeringEnglish4183 Turkish lira
College of Space Sciences
meteorological engineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
Aviation EngineeringTurkish – 30% English3323 Turkish Liras
space engineeringEnglish3323 Turkish Liras


Campus of Istanbul Technical University

In general, Istanbul Technical University has 6 campuses, each of which is located in different areas of Istanbul, which are:

  • Ayazaga
  • Taşkışla
  • Macka
  • Gümüşsuyu
  • Tuzla
  • KKTC

The main campus of Istanbul Technical University is the Maslak Campus, and it contains research centers, swimming pools, sports fields, a central library, and a number of colleges, while the other facilities and colleges are spread over 5 different places.

The Faculty of Architecture is located on the Taşkışla Campus, one of the historical buildings in Istanbul that dates back to the Ottoman era.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is located in the Gümüşsuyu Campus and the Business School is located in the Maçka Campus which is also among the historical buildings in Istanbul.


Istanbul Technical University Ranking

According to THE official website, Istanbul Technical University is ranked from 801 to 1000 in the 2021 World University Rankings.

In the Impact Rankings in 2020, the university is ranked 601st, while in the Asian University Rankings it is ranked 137th.

Conditions for admission to Istanbul Technical University

Applicants must take the SAT or ACT and have the minimum required scores for the various majors.

Postgraduate and PhD applicants must have a TOEFL score of at least 213 or pass a language test administered by the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Istanbul Technical University is a public or private university?

This university is one of the oldest public universities in Turkey.

❓ What is the language of instruction at Istanbul Technical University?

The language of instruction in the various disciplines of this university is English and Turkish.

❓ What are the best majors at Istanbul Technical University?

The university focuses more on engineering majors, however the university is also interested in basic science majors.

The best and most popular majors of Istanbul Technical University are civil engineering and architecture, and many prominent Turkish personalities have studied in these two disciplines.