Benefits of Turkish Passport – How good is it?


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Thousands of people from all over the world visit Turkey every day, as Turkey has a great wealth of natural beauty, cultural values, historical structure and geographical advantages.

As the world became more globalized and travel became a popular thing among people, Visa-free access was very encouraging for people to travel even more.

Individuals want to transcend boundaries and access a multitude of jobs, culture and lifestyle on a global scale.

One of the countries that is making headlines at the present time by providing profitable investment opportunities in exchange for obtaining citizenship, is Turkey.

Obtaining a Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship is very important for many foreigners, as obtaining Turkish citizenship and a passport has become very easy nowadays.

Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport by buying a property or investing in a certain amount of money in Turkey.

The Turkish passport enables you to travel to more than 100 countries without a visa and 7 countries with an electronic visa.

As a number of countries around the world, such as Australia, grant visas online to Turkish citizens, given that Turkey is a tourist country and has good relations with other countries.

Advantages of the Turkish Passport

  • You can obtain a Turkish passport and citizenship in just 60 working days according to the new regulation in the law.
  • You can visit more than 100 countries without a visa and have easy entry rights to the 26 countries of the Schengen area.
  • The Turkish passport is among the top 30 passports in the world.
  • This passport provides you with free education and college money-back plans.
  • You do not need a residence permit for the period in which you are staying in Turkey.
  • When you have this passport, you can benefit from retirement programs like a Turkish citizen.
  • You have the right to vote for all kinds of elections.
  • Take advantage of all medical rights in Turkey.
  • You can obtain dual citizenship when you have a Turkish passport.
  • The validity of the Turkish passport is 10 years.

Types of Turkish Passport

  • Special passport, which has a green color: Top government officials.
  • Ordinary Passport, which has a red color: Turkish citizens’ passport. Foreigners may gain ordinary passports via citizenship.
  • Service-stamped passport, which has a grey color: Public officials, journalists and etc.
  • Diplomatic passport, which has a black color: Diplomats and ambassadors

Dual Citizenship and the Turquoise Card Programme

A person who is a citizen of two different countries at the same time has dual citizenship, as Turkey allows dual citizenship.

You can benefit from the Turquoise Card program if you live in a country that does not allow dual citizenship.

The turquoise card offers you the benefit of all rights in Turkey, except that you will not have the right to vote and run for elections in Turkey.

Procedures to get a Turkish Passport

A Turkish passport can be obtained in several ways, and one of the preferred methods will be through the newly regulated law.

Whereas, previously, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, one had to buy a property of 1,000,000 USD.

However, with these new laws, the price was lowered to 250,000 USD in September 2018, which makes obtaining a Turkish passport a bit more easy.

On the other hand, you can acquire your Turkish passport by opening a bank account in Turkey and depositing 500,000 USD.

This way, you can get a Turkish passport within 60 days.

Why choose Turkey?


Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe, and that’s why There are different cultures, religions and languages ​​in this country.

The country also enjoys an important strategic location, geographical advantages, historical value, economic growth, and cultural richness.

As Turkey is a country that foreigners visit frequently thanks to its natural and historical beauty, the favorable climate for the winter season, and summer tourism.

Many foreigners also prefer to invest or buy a property in Turkey.

Geographical and strategic value:

The geographical and strategic location of this country is a greater value than a lot of other countries, especially the presence of the Bosphorus Strait that acts as an important concession for Turkey.

Turkey, which is a bridge between Europe and Asia, has provided a functional role in global trade, due to its global strategic location.


Turkey enjoys a maritime climate due to its geographical location between the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara surrounding it from 3 sides.

In the winter the weather is warm and pleasant, and winter and summer tourism has developed almost everywhere in the country due to the good weather conditions.

In this way, Turkey attracts tourists, property buyers and investors from all over the world.

Beauty and facilities:

Picturesque seas, clean and sandy beaches, coastal walking paths, pristine forests, natural lakes, gorgeous valleys and waterfalls, and majestic mountains are all a unique natural beauty in Turkey.

Many tourists come to Turkey from all over the world to witness this unique beauty.

Also famous hotels, entertainment places, historical places, cultural centers, traditional and modern restaurants are drawn with reasonable prices in general.

Economic structure and foreign investment:

Turkey follows technological improvements in the world and strengthens its economy day by day.

Where the state is working hard to ensure significant growth in the economy, and indeed internationally known Turkish companies are showing that the Turkish economy is growing rapidly daily.

The new companies, with the support of the government, are also working to revitalize the Turkish economy, through the Turkish government’s support for foreign investors and buyers in the country and facilitate the investment process in the country.

At present, the Turkish government provides many amenities in terms of obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Turkey has a pretty good education, and Turkish universities are among the best universities in the world, and you can get many advantages of studying in Turkey by obtaining a Turkish passport.

Visa requirements for holders of a Turkish passport

According to Henley Passport Index, Turkey is ranked globally 38th country with 114 points on the visa-free travel index.

People can visit more than 100 countries without a visa thanks to the Turkish passport referring to the Henley report.

The Turkish passport also allows entering 42 countries with a visa on arrival, as the visa is obtained upon arrival at the airport without applying in advance.

Turkish passport holders can also travel to 7 countries with an electronic authorization or an online visa (eVisa).

Countries permitted for Turkish passport holders

Turkey is one of the countries whose passport is in good standing, as you can travel to different and beautiful countries without a visa, and we will mention some of the countries that you can go to without a visa:

Qatar, South Korea, Malaysia, Tunisia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jordan, Indonesia, Brazil, Iraq, Argentina, Dar es Salaam, Morocco, Belarus, Chile, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Georgia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Paraguay, Northern Cyprus South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay.