Galata Tower Museum, A tour in history of Istanbul – All you need to know


The Galata Tower in Istanbul, also known in Latin as the tower of Christ, is a beautiful archaeological tower in the European part of the city, and it is considered one of the monuments built in the Byzantine period that still receives tourists to this day, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.

The tower was built directly on the Golden Horn Bay in Istanbul, located near the Bosphorus strait, which is one of the most important features that characterize Istanbul, as it is the only city in the world that is located on two different continents.

Galata Tower was known in the 14th century as the tallest building in Istanbul.

Entrance to the Galata Tower in Istanbul

The tower consists of 3 sections: the entrance, the restaurant and the upper visitor section. Visitors use the elevators in the tower to reach the upper 7 floors. The last two floors of the tower can only be reached through the stairs.

Once you enter this ancient tower, you will travel on a journey through history and enjoy the passage of time, seeing this tower with its entire structure and beautiful architecture, which will make you stand before it in a state of amazement and fascination. This architecture looks exactly like the European towers showing itself in the heart of Istanbul, where tourists can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views that bring together the two continents of Asia and Europe, between the Bosphorus narrow and the Golden Horn Bay, where all sections of Istanbul combine together.

Galata Tower sunset

It is worth noting that the Galata Tower consists of 9 floors in the 14th century. It is about 66.9   meters high (220 Feet).

The main entrance to the Galata Tower

In order to be able to see the Galata Tower in Istanbul, you must go to Istiklal Street in the Galata District, you can of course see the tower easily on your way at the end of the street. Where you can see the winding stone stairs that lead to the square where the tower is located.

And if you want to go to Istanbul. This is a unique opportunity, which must be tried to enjoy watching the Bosphorus strait and discover the most important monuments in the city from above, such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Go to the top of the Galata tower and enjoy seeing all this beauty and splendor in one place, and of course we also have good news for those who find it difficult to cross the stairs for any reason. As the tower is equipped with an elevator during the recent renovations, so you can easily reach the seventh floor of the tower, in which case you will have to go through the remaining two floors on foot again.

Galata Tower

The upper section in the Galata Tower in Istanbul

One of the things that all tourists want to experience as soon as they enter this tower, is to climb to the highest point of the tower, to see one of the most beautiful landscapes integrated with the beauty and civilization of Istanbul, in one place.

You can enjoy the scenery surrounding the tower and the Bosphorus strait to the fullest extent, and if you are hungry, you can also have a unique meal in this tower and try the best Turkish food and sweets, you can also take souvenir pictures dressed as a Turkish Sultan in the tower.

History of the Galata Tower in Istanbul

Seven hundred years ago, and perhaps more than that, during the reign of the Roman Empire, the tower was built and named as the Tower of Christ, later called Galata, but in 1461 another tower was built next to the Galata Tower at the request of the ruler in that period.

Galata Tower Old Photo

The tower was used as an astronomical observatory for a period of time by the scientist Takieddine, after which the tower was closed in 1579. It is interesting to note that the tower at first, was used only as a tall guard building to protect urban guards. However, in the following years, it became a prison, and therefore this building was repaired several times, especially the upper part of it, and of course, it should be noted that this is the only reform process in the history of the tower, to be rebuilt in this way.

The tower was not as long and beautiful as it is today, but between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Galata Tower was ablaze several times, damaging the roof and part of the building until, and after a few years, the tower was restored and the conical roof resembling the tip of the pencil was built. To avoid damage and destruction.

As we mentioned, the Galata Tower has been repeatedly destroyed throughout its long history, whether due to natural disasters or wars and fire, and the most severe of these damages, was that caused by the 1509. Earthquake. At this time, the tower was used as a secret prison, and helped restore it one of the most famous architects of the country then, and after rebuilding the tower, the tower was no longer used as a prison again.

In 1794, during the reign of the Ottomans, the tower was burned again, but after its restoration, a small wooden room was added inside the tower.

It is interesting that this is not the only time the tower falls prey to fire. In the era of Sultan Mahmud, the tower was renewed and restored once again after it burned, and two more floors were added to the tower.

Finally, this tower was last renovated in 1960. The restaurant was built inside the tower, to become one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul.

Galata Tower restaurant

Sections of the Galata Tower in Istanbul

During the historical events of the Galata Tower, it was renewed over and over again, but in some of these reconstruction and repair operations, new parts were added to it, which made the architecture and design of this tower even more exciting. It multiplies its beauty, and you should also know that this tower, like other buildings, consists of several sections.

1 – Entrance

In this section, you can take advantage of the information center located in the Galata Tower or ask the tour guides stationed in this section, then go up the tower through the elevator or spiral staircase.

2 – The upper visitor section

It can be said that the most attractive part of the Galata Tower, is the upper visitor section that most tourists visit to see a 360 degree panoramic view of Istanbul. On this large section, you can see all the sights of this beautiful city in one place. From the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Bosphorus Bridge to the Sea of ​​Marmara and the unique Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Note that the best time to visit Galata Tower is in the early morning, as it is one of the most popular attractions in Istanbul and is very busy in the middle of the day. Unless you want to see the sunset from one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, in that case we say enjoy the view and good luck.

3- Galata Tower Restaurant & Cafe ( Canceled )

The Galata Tower Restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul, and it is worth the experience, because the dining experience in the longest historical tower in Constantinople with a charming view of the beautiful city of Istanbul can not be easily found anywhere.

It is worth Noting that the restaurant and cafe in Galata Tower was closed, after it was converted to a museum

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How to go to Galata Tower in Istanbul

Upon entering the end of Istiklal Street, you can see the beautiful and amazing Galata Tower, that can be reached easily, through the use of public transportation in Istanbul, where you can use the Istanbul Metro line and get off at a station called Şişane Station next to the Tower.

You can also get off at Taksim metro station, entering from the beginning of the famous Istiklal Street directly to the tower.