Uzungol village in Turkey – the most famous and charming natural areas to visit


There are countless wonders in eastern Turkey.  Made by history and nature.

Mount Nemrut, Lake Van, Trabzon, etc. are among the attractions in eastern Turkey that you must see.


The village of Uzungol, located in northeastern Turkey, is characterized by indescribable beauty.

But where is the village of Uzungol located? Why should you travel there? And what is the best time to travel?

Uzungol village in Turkey

In the north of Turkey there are many coastal cities that we do not know very well, but just take a look at the pictures of their wonderful nature to yearn to travel to these cities of your dreams.

Trabzon is one of the most attractive cities in the Black Sea region of Turkey, and is home to an authentic village called Uzungol.

Uzungöl village has an attractive lake with charming nature and is a unique and pure holiday destination that has the same name as the village.


The lush mountains of the beautiful Black Sea region of Turkey are a wonderful place to live in the midst of nature.

And at the same time, the village of Uzungol in Turkey is famous for its large and beautiful lake surrounded by mountains covered with trees.

The wonderful village of Uzungol is located 90 kilometers from Trabzon, and the green lake and valley have become a dream attraction for tourists who want to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in nature and countryside life.

Uzungöl Lake was formed when the fall of the surrounding mountains turned the riverbed into a natural dam and created an attractive lake between the mountains.

The fog that usually covers this area makes it more attractive that it looks like a piece of paradise floating above the clouds.

Uzungöl literally means “Long Lake” and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey.

The amount of water in this lake varies according to the season and the amount of precipitation, but it has its own beauty throughout the year.

In the winter, the surrounding mountains are uniformly white, creating new lake landscapes.

Next to the lake, you will see a mosque with Ottoman architecture, multiplying the charm of the landscape with the background of green mountains.

This white mosque with its two tall minarets and a beautiful dome is one of the most interesting buildings around the lake.


There is a nice walk path around the lake to walk and enjoy the views of the lake, which is very crowded especially on weekends.

While walking along the lake, you will see many vendors selling chestnuts on their wheels.

Eating roasted chestnuts in this fun and touristy area is sure to be very nice and will make it an unforgettable memory.

You can stop for a while and sit on the benches and pavilions around the lake and immerse yourself in the serenity of the surrounding nature.

Restaurants around the area include local fish meals as well as Turkish delicacies that are not to be missed.

It is true that restaurants in this area are a bit pricey, but it is impossible not to eat grilled trout in a place like this.

Although the lake is the most important attraction of the village of Uzungöl, the beauty of the village is not limited to its lake.


One of the most enjoyable parts of your trip is to wander through the village and see the villas and wooden huts, which are huts built among the lush pastures and often livestock around them.

Witnessing rural life, aboriginal culture, and smelling local food is a pleasant experience to touch the countryside.

During this tour, you will see a river in the village on which a historical bridge was built and many tourists cross it and take souvenir photos.

We also suggest you visit the shops around the lake and inside the village, where you will find interesting things to buy as souvenirs.

One of the most famous products of this region is Trabzon tea, which can be an interesting souvenir of this region.

Things to do in Uzungöl Village in Turkey

Hiking and climbing:

Certainly, the most important activities in Uzungöl are hiking and mountain climbing.

The paths to the right and left of the lake are a good starting point for hikers. These paths lead to forests and mountains with enjoyable views.

Boat ride:

Is it possible to come to such a beautiful lake and not go boating?

In this lake there are many yachts that you can board and enjoy the cool breeze and watch the views from another angle while exploring the lake.

Amusement park:

There is a small park by the lake where you can take the kids for an hour of fun.


Why is the village of Uzungöl special?

The nature of the village of Uzungöl is unusual.

Hills covered with thick trees, clouds surrounding wooden huts, the natural lake and summer climate are a corner of the special nature of Uzungöl village.

The people of the village are very simple and friendly and it is very nice to communicate with them.

Whether you are planning to spend a few days away from the hustle, smoke and traffic, or you are planning to hike in the forests and climb mountains, Uzungöl Village is the perfect destination for you.

You may have felt the pure nature of this area, and you tell yourself that maybe there are no facilities to stay in this village!

But in recent years, due to the popularity of this village, it has become a tourist area and many hotels and restaurants have been built in it.

There are many hotels around the lake that have good rooms with attractive views and serve breakfast and lunch.

One of the best hotels is the Inan Kardeşler Hotel, a hotel with wooden rooms with balconies overlooking the lake and valley, it is also considered the best place for a beautiful holiday in Uzungol.

Uzungöl has a cold climate, so be sure to bring warm clothes when you travel to it, and choose summer to travel to enjoy more nature and landscapes.

Due to the altitude of the village and the lake, the weather is cool even in summer and sometimes there is little rain.


Best time to visit Uzungol village

Snow-capped mountains in winter, lush views of spring and summer, and enchanting autumn colors are not something that can be easily crossed.

In general, the village of Uzungöl is said to be a rainy area. So if you plan to travel to this region in the summer, you will see less rain than in the winter.

Also, if you like cool temperatures for travel, choose summer and spring to travel to this region.

What should we take with us on a trip to Uzungol village?

As mentioned, you’re stepping into a rainy area, so a coat, warm clothes, and some extra clothing is a must.

If you are planning to go hiking and mountain climbing in Uzungöl village, bring along the necessary equipment and accessories such as shoes, suitable clothes, etc.