Turkish researchers produce gluten-free biscuits from apricot seeds


Turkish researchers have managed to produce a new type of gluten-free biscuit using apricot seeds.

This type of biscuit was produced by the Apricot Research Institute in Malatya, eastern Turkey, and it is one of the largest apricot production centers in the world.


Speaking on Monday, Institute Director Abdullah Erdogan said that celiac disease is a lifelong chronic disease.

“The only way to treat the disease is to follow a gluten-free diet,” he added.

He explained that the institute succeeded in producing biscuits for celiac disease patients using apricot fruit seeds.

Erdogan indicated that the institute aims to produce gluten-free foods for a specific category of patients at reasonable prices.

Turkey has about 17 million apricot trees, 8 million of which are in Malatya, which made it famous as the apricot capital.


Malatya exports of dried apricots to 100 countries in 2020 amounted to 266 million and 202 thousand dollars.

The state’s average revenue from exporting apricot seeds is about $15 million annually.