Tesla in Turkey | Tesla company, Tesla cars and more…


Tesla Corporation is an American automobile manufacturer and manufacturer of parts for electric trains.

The presence of a huge company like Tesla in Turkey is a recognition of its global importance.

And also as a country that builders on the success that Tesla is achieving day after day.

So in our article, we think that you would like a comprehensive knowledge of Tesla, its establishment and presence in Turkey, Fasten your belt and keep reading…


Basic informations about the company Tesla in Turkey

  • Foundation Year: 2003
  • Founders: Elon Musk / Martin Eberhard / Geoffrey B. Astrabel / Mark Tarr Bing
  • Central office: Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Executive Director: Elon Musk
  • Chairman of the Board: Elon Musk
  • Company products: Tesla Roadster / Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X / Tesla Model 3 / Tesla Model Y / Cyber ​​Track.
  • Revenues:
    •  $ 24.578 billion (2019) net profit
    •  $ 862 Million (2019) Total Assets
    •  $ 34.309 billion (2019) total equity
    •  $ 6.160 billion
  • Owner share percentage: Elon Musk (20.8%)
  • Number of employees: More than 48,000 people in 2019
  • Subsidiaries: Solarcity / Tesla Grohmann / Automation
  • Company website: http://tesla.com
  • Tesla Corporation Headquarters: In Palo Alto, California, it has also become a partner with the State of Turkey.

The history of the establishment of Tesla Corporation down to its fame in Turkey

Tesla was founded in 2003 by Berard and Mark Tarping.

Each of these people played a very active role in the initial development of the company prior to the presence of Director Musk.

Then Elon Musk joined in February 2003.

He is now the head of overall policy and overall direction for the company

Initially, Tesla’s main purpose was to market electric cars.

Thus he began his business with the production of sports cars and luxury cars.

But then the path was a little different.

As a result, the company now has goals far greater than just luxury and sports cars.

Finally, the company has succeeded to the point that it has contracted with other countries.

As it has become important to the world with its issues of electric cars, especially Turkey.


The story behind naming the company (Tesla)

You’d probably guess that Tesla was taken from the famous scientist Nikola Tesla!

The main idea of ​​this name goes back to Martin Eberhard, who was with his wife at the restaurant.

And for the first time there, he thought of that name as not bad to mention in the company logo.

This name is more valuable and more effective, because the name goes to the name of the scientist Nikola Tesla.

After that, naming the company became a prelude to a great future for it.

And while Tesla can give global technology, not just speed, But it is also unfair when we talk about Tesla that we focus all our attention on the company’s cars.


Today we say that the company is always affected by the choices that matter to Musk.

This means the idea of ​​leadership success, despite the small and big failures that passed in the history of the company.

But the handling of all the activities of this company is always in an innovative scope.

This indicates the bright future of the company, as Tesla has come to symbolize the surplus in the future.

The company has proven that the courage has reached its wonderful and strange goals, and to achieve any effort required.

About the scientist Nikola Tesla, the main muse of Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a famous Serbian physicist, engineer and inventor.

He was penniless at the end of his brilliant and tortured life, and lived in a small room in a New York hotel.

He went through nightmares while working with mathematical equations and scientific problems in his head.


Tesla achievements :

During his career, Tesla discovered, designed and developed ideas for a number of important inventions.

Most of them were formally patented by other inventors. (AHHM Thomas Edison

Including dynamo (battery-like electric generators) and induction motor.

He was also a pioneer in discovering radar technology and X-ray technology.

In addition to remote control and rotating magnetic fields, they are the basis of most AC machines.

Tesla’s most important inventions :

  • AC power system
  • Hydroelectric power station
  • Tesla coil


What is the reason behind the success of Tesla in Turkey and the world ?

Tesla and Elon Musk have been at the forefront of the tech world in recent years.

They are now widely seen as exemplary.

The content of the company’s work is one of the most advanced technologies in the world and in Turkey.

Elon had big dreams from the start. It is the establishment of a company that can produce all electric vehicles commercially and sustainably at the same time.

This dream was too dangerous and expensive to fulfill.

But despite the many challenges the company faced.


Such as car rentals, failed missile launches, and economic crises.

Elon Musk’s strong ambition and high self-confidence enabled him to pursue these two responsibilities simultaneously.

Today, Tesla has big projects in mind.

And each of them can change the life of humanity as a whole without exaggeration.

The growth of this company was also due to the increasing popularity of electric cars.

In addition to improving its battery life and the demand for these types of vehicles in Turkey and the world.

The first successes of Tesla company, All the way to Turkey :

The first Tesla car was an all-electric Tesla Roadster.

It is the first vehicle to use a lithium-ion battery of more than 320 kilometers per charge.

Whereas, the sporty type of this model has zero to hundred acceleration equivalent to 3.7 seconds.

So between 2008 and 2012, the company sold 2,250 Tesla Roadster cars in 31 countries in the world, including Turkey.


Proportion of Tesla production of its cars in Turkey :

The company’s Model S was the world’s best-selling electric car in 2015 and 2016.

In 2016, Tesla produced more than 76,000 cars.

As of the first quarter of 2017, it launched 25,000 electric vehicles.

Global sales of the Model S reached 200,000 units in the fourth quarter of 2017.

And in September 2015, Tesla launched the Model X as a widely developed product.

Tesla production in February 2018 exceeded 300,000 cars.


An important feature of Tesla cars

An important feature of Tesla cars is the ability to drive automatically or autopilot.

The company claims that this feature can reduce the likelihood of accidents.

In April 2017, the Tesla Motor Group overtook General Motors.

For Tesla to become the most valuable company in the US auto market (Nasdaq).

The total value of Tesla shares reached 52 billion and 700 million dollars, when the value of General Motors has just exceeded 49 million and 600 thousand dollars.

The income profits of Tesla’s

In 2016, the company had revenues of $ 7 billion.

Its total assets recently reached $ 22.66 billion.

Tesla cooperated with companies of Turkey

The CEO of Tesla met with the President of Turkey and the country’s Ministers of Industry and Transport.

They discussed expanding cooperation in the automotive and aerospace fields.

Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla, met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss expanding cooperation between Turkish companies and Tesla.

Accordingly, Elon Musk attended the International Sat Show in Istanbul, Turkey.

He also met with the Chief Minister of Transport and Industry at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, Turkey.


Musk also discussed the joint cooperation between Turkish companies and Tesla company based on knowledge and innovation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

They also discussed the Turkish satellite 5A and 5B, which were scheduled to be launched by 2020 and 2021.

US-based Tesla claims the era of producing cars contaminated with gasoline and diesel is over.

And that the latest technology in the world must be used to find a way to protect the environment and reduce air pollution.

Tesla is an innovative, knowledge-based company. It has designed and built numerous luxury electric and electric vehicles.

As a result, many countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Norway, Greece, China and India, took the decision to finally ban the production and sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by the year 2040.

In addition to this, Elon Musk and President Erdoan discussed starting and expanding cooperation in the automotive industry. In addition to producing clean electric cars.

And in the meantime, Turkey has announced its plans to design and produce all-electric Turkish cars in the country until 2021.

Therefore, Tesla is expected to enter the Turkish market more.

And as the largest manufacturer of luxury electric cars. This, of course, is welcomed by the government and people of Turkey.


10 advantages of Tesla cars

With its 15-year history, Tesla has made a major contribution to the development of the automotive industry.

And even preceded companies that are more than half a century old!  Tesla has been able to promote this type of car among people in Turkey and the world.

And that by entering the field of electric cars.

It stands to reason that no company has ever succeeded in electric vehicles.

It was the only Tesla company that changed this fact.

Tesla products are packed with new technologies and features to experience the ultimate in driving pleasure.

But with the changes the company made to cars.

It has become possible to enjoy the highest efficiency, its advantages are:

  • Automotive technology
  • Amazing Plus mode
  • Supercharges
  • Remote updates
  • Broadcast service
  • Internet browser
  • Adaptive suspension system
  • Advanced sensors
  • the key
  • Mobile application.


Automotive technology advantage in Tesla products :

The Tesla Vehicle System is a set of auxiliary systems that assist the driver in controlling the vehicle.

This system can control driving in certain situations. And it is all done by controlling the throttle, brake and filter.

The system is operated using a cruise control lever.

When the system is active and you want to change lanes. You can go to the required lane by turning on the traffic light.

The Amazing Plus mode feature of Tesla cars :

You can change the driving mode of your car from Tesla to Amazing Plus.

In order to get the most out of the car.

Elon Musk, who loves movies, decided to imitate Spaceballs’ settings.

In fact, the spacecraft in the movie had four different speeds.

The speed of light, magic, exclamation, and dispersion.

As a result of this idea, the feature was included in the latest Tesla OS update.

To activate Amazing Plus, you have to touch its special option for five seconds.

Then the system asks, (Are you sure you want to remove the restrictions? This will speed up the performance of the drive, gearbox and batteries).

There are two funny options to choose from: (No, I want mom! And yes).


The advantage of supercharging in Tesla cars :

Supercharges are part of Tesla’s fast charging network.

One of the advantages of electric cars is the long battery life.

This allows users to charge their batteries very quickly within an hour.

Remote updates feature on Tesla cars :

The Model S was the first car from the American company that could download software updates over the Internet.

The company fixes many of the errors existing in this way and adds new capabilities to its products.

Vehicle system updates and Amazing Plus mode are also sent remotely.

And dozens of other features are also added to vehicles that qualify in the same way.


The advantage of the broadcast service in Tesla cars :

Because Tesla cars receive software updates via the Internet.

The company has included streaming music services in its products by default.

Slacker and TuneIn are among the online streaming services.

Which you can use to listen to your favorite music.

Slacker allows you to create a list of radio stations and change tracks with one click.

While TuneIn works similarly to Pandora, with the difference that it does not contain annoying ads!

Advantage of Tesla Cars Internet Browser :

You can browse cyberspace with the Tesla web browser.

However, for security reasons, you will not be able to view the video on the center display of the dashboard.

However, web pages load slowly. But Tesla is still working on its browser, and intends to fix its problems with various updates soon.


Advantage of adaptive suspension on Tesla cars :

Many luxury off-road vehicles use air suspension.

This system adjusts the vehicle’s smoothness as well as its height based on road conditions.

While on the highway, suspension comfort and softness is a priority.

The air suspension allows drivers to adjust the vehicle’s height.

For example on the highway, it tends to increase the car’s aerodynamics by reducing altitude.

And of course, the situation changes once you get to the local accelerators.

You will have to reset the suspension again.

Advantage of advanced parking sensors in Tesla cars :

Although parking sensors are decades old and not a new technology, Tesla has tried to improve it.

In fact, instead of the annoying beeps.

And instead of the fuzzy red and yellow lines, they accurately show the distance.

This makes parking in Tesla cars unobtrusive!


The Key in Tesla cars :

The Tesla key is designed like a car and is so funny!

By pressing different parts of this key, you can unlock and close the door.

Or, you can access the front and back boxes.

You can also take your car out of the parking lot without the need for driving

The mobile app feature on Tesla cars :

If you do not want to use the Tesla key, you can use the company’s own application.

With this program, you can turn on the car and turn on the lights.

This App also shows you how much the car costs.

Adjusting the ventilation system is another feature that you can access with the Tesla app.


What is the real price of Tesla cars in Turkey and the world?

Despite the lower advertising rates on the Tesla website.

However, the company’s electric vehicle prices are often misleading and higher than customers expect.

There is a lot of discussion about Tesla’s pricing structure.

But in reality, customers cannot purchase the Tesla Model 3 for $ 35,000.

Or they won’t pay $ 39,000 for a Tesla Model Y electric car.

This is also if the formula for saving gasoline for a period of 6 years is not taken into consideration.

In addition to forgetting the idea of ​​securing 16,000 kilometers of operating or government incentives.

After these possibilities, Tesla electric cars will be considered much more expensive than expected, of course.

Where can you buy a Tesla in Turkey?

The company has announced its intention to open a service and maintenance center in Turkey in 2018.

In addition to securing a showroom for its cars, and that has already been done.

And the Turkish newspaper, Watan, stated that the service center and hall will be ready within 6 months of the date of the announcement, in Istanbul.

The latest cars will also be offered in the Turkish market at reasonable prices.

As well as Tesla Type S, X and 3 cars

Tesla car releases in Turkey

Tesla’s S Model :

Do not be fooled by the advertising price of this car, which is 69,750 dollars.

You can exclude savings on gasoline over 6 years.

Plus 16,000 kilometers ($ 5,500) annually.

Also, with government incentives of $ 3,750 and mandatory shipping costs up to $ 1,200.

The actual Tesla Model S pricing starts at $ 80,200.

And of course this is still the beginning, regardless of her options.

Color cost in the Tesla’s S Model :

  • The only standard exterior color is black
  • Two optional colors include Midnight Silver Metallic and Metallic Garlic Blue for $ 1,500
  • The multi-cover white color costs the customer $ 2000
  • The red multi-cap costs $ 2,500
  • The selection of 19-inch Sonic Carb Slipstream rims adds $ 1500 to the overall price
  • And the customer’s 21-inch Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine rims cost $ 4,500.


Model S Specifications and Extras :

Standard interior trim with black leather does not incur additional costs to the customer.

But choosing the black, white, and cream options will add around $ 1500 to the final price.

Other cabin options include a HEPA air filtration system and XM radio.

With a dedicated audio system, heated steering wheel and heated seats for all passengers.

The choice of the semi-automatic autopilot system will also add $ 3,000 to the car’s price.

And the fully automatic driving capability that Tesla promised would add $ 5,000 to the price.

Tesla’s 3 Model :

The most affordable electric vehicle from this car manufacturer is the Tesla Model 3.

Its base model was announced by Ilan Mask at $ 35,000.

And that aside from the cost of $ 1,200 at the destination, that price is very accurate.

And given the savings in gasoline consumption on 16,000 kilometers per year ($ 2.58 per gallon).

The price advertised on Tesla will in fact be $ 29,650.

But that’s not what customers pay, especially if we take into account the cost of the added options.


Color cost in the Tesla’s Model 3 :

  • The only standard color for the Tesla Model 3 is black
  • While the electric car has four color options
  • Including the color Midnight Silver Metallic at $ 1,500
  • Dark Metallic Dark, $ 1,500
  • The color Multi-Cap Shell White is $ 2000
  • The Multi-Cap Red is priced at $ 2,500.

Tesla’s X Model :

The Tesla Model X is the most expensive choice among all Tesla electric cars.

And swallow real prices up to $ 89,200.

Of course, except for gasoline savings and government incentives.

The Model X will be about $ 9,000 cheaper than the Tesla Model S.

But the Tesla electric chassis is only available in two versions, which are far-reaching and performance.

Both versions feature dual electric motors and a four-wheel drive system.

The more options are added, the more expensive these options will be.


Color cost in the Tesla’s X Model :

  • There are four exterior colors that can be chosen
  • Midnight Silver Metallic, $ 1,500
  • Multi-Cap Red: $ 2,500
  • Tesla also offers three optional bezel options on the X model
  • These options are 20-inch silver rims
  • Carbon Sonic 20-inch rims at $ 2,000
  • 22-inch black for onyx rims, $ 5,500.

Tesla’s Model Y :

Tesla has promised that the company’s new advanced chassis, the Model Y, will cost around $ 39,000.

The base issue is currently priced at $ 48,200.

This excludes petrol, which is about $ 40,000 cheaper than the Tesla Model X.

Of course, this is true as long as you don’t add different options to the final price of the electric car.

All kinds of optional colors are also available at prices ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 2,500.

You can also check of used tesla in Turkey in websites like: sahibinden.com



In the end, if you want to buy a Tesla in Turkey, we have provided you with comprehensive information about these distinctive cars manufactured by this company, which are managed by a dreamy and daring president.

As a result, you can find electric cars in Turkey that help save a lot of pollution that causes congestion.

You will find many exhibitions held for these distinctive and unique cars.

You will fully enrich your knowledge and choose one of the company’s cars

And you will know that they are more than wonderful cars and deserve attention.