President Erdogan: Great Turkey is closer than ever


President and Chairman of the Justice and Development Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the 7th Congress of the Ordinary Justice and Development Party in Manisa, Aydin, Mardin, Adiyaman, Kilis, Bingol, Bitlis, Elazig, Muş with direct link from Vahiddin Palace.

The following are the highlights of Erdogan’s speech:

“The Justice and Development Party (AKP) is a party created by the nation and has been embraced by the nation to this day.

The more we participate in the calculation with our nation, the more we do our duty. We are a loyal party.”

The director of the AKP is the director who stands with our nation every day.

There are freshwater democrats in this country. Looking at freshwater politicians from one election to the next.

While our party has been facing many threats, including closure, and when fighting tutelage, it has always acted with this understanding.

We did not become dryly democrats. The reward for the duty performed under this blessed ceiling is the expression “God bless” in the hearts of our people.

We closed last year under the shadow of the Coronavirus. We have done everything necessary to prevent our citizens from feeling disinterested.

We are proceeding with the reforms needed to achieve strong growth in the economy.

We mobilize our country’s potential through an investment, growth and employment-oriented approach.

We are creating the infrastructure for historic transformation abroad.

Turkey is a real increase in regional and global offensive power.

Those who criticize us about human rights and freedom resort to the world’s most fascist practices when faced with the slightest problem.

They do not allow the slightest work on their land. When it comes to touching them, they know no limits in ban.

We left behind the most difficult parts of this historical struggle.

Next, it was time to collect the proceeds from the seeds we sow.

We are closer than ever to a large and powerful Turkey.

I am calling out all of our provinces from here. Are we ready for it all together? We have to prepare for 2023 with this feeling, this belief, and this awareness.

The Justice and Development Party was able to occupy the first place in all the elections it has entered so far.

Ahead of us are the 2023 elections. Every election is crucial, but the 2023 elections will take place at a historic turning point.

There are still those who yearn for ancient Turkey.

The democratic and economic development of Turkey over the past 18 years, and the increasing disregard for the gains we have made toward greed.

We do not give credit to any of these.

The CHP president remains silent about the allegations of harassment and rape in his party.

Why isn’t he taking action on it? That is why attacks against our party are increasing.

It is not the force of the fall that penetrates the marble, but its continuity. As we constantly come to our nation with lies and misrepresentations, if we look at our own works, this marble will be punctured.

We are the only party that has a vision for the future of our country and our nation. Others are far from saying anything new other than discussing what we did at the end of 18 years.

I would like to thank each of you for the effort and sacrifice you will make in this process. “