Koca: this is the peak of the second wave of coronavirus


Turkish Health Minister Fakhruttin Koca said: “We are currently at the peak of the second wave of Coronavirus. As we have neglected the conditions of social distancing during the Eid period and the wedding ceremonies.”

The minister also said that the number of victims and patients infected with Coronavirus in Turkey is increasing, like other parts of the world. As the curve of the virus continues to rise and infects more and more people every day. The minister also said that Turkey has increased the number of examinations every day without any decrease in the number of patients.

“So far, 29,865 employees in the health sector in Turkey have been infected with the Coronavirus,” Koca added. 52 health workers also lost their lives as a result of the virus. He added that the provinces of Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Erzurum, Sivas and Kayseri are high-risk provinces for the Coronavirus.

He continued: “There is a possibility of combining the Coronavirus with seasonal diseases, and necessary measures have been taken in this regard and the dimensions of the response will change.”

Conditions across the country are under control. In Istanbul, Thrace and the Aegean Sea, the curve is not serious. But unfortunately, the number of sick people is increasing in Central and Southeastern Anatolia.

The Turkish Minister of Health said that 460 teams have been assigned to follow-up and inspect Coronavirus in Konya, 200 teams in anlıurfa, 111 teams in Mardin, 370 teams in Diyarbakir, 207 teams in Erzurum, 350 teams in Izmir, and 120 teams in Kayseri.

As Koca said in another part of his speech, “We cannot in any way say that the disease is out of control, but if we do not take the necessary precautions, this will lead to different results.”