Istanbul Galata University – Courses, Tuition Fees and Admission Requirements


Galata University is an exceptional university that has caught the attention of many international students recently, but why? To answer this question better stay with us until the end of this article.


Through the “four key words” (arts, sports, health, social sciences), Istanbul Galata University works with all its strength to be valuable, and to become a bridge between cultures.

At Istanbul Galata University, 20 Bachelor’s programs are offered in 4 faculties and one institute.

Istanbul Galata University

Galata University in Istanbul is a modern private university, which started its activity in 2020, the university has many exceptional advantages to study.

The university is located in Istanbul, the largest and most beautiful city of Turkey, specifically in the famous Beyoglu district, in the historical Galata area, where you can easily reach different parts of the city.

The University of Galata is a cultural bridge with a purposeful vision for the future, as the university believes that in order to bring about real change, it is necessary to open up to many other cultures.

As the university works to teach students the highest values ​​​​in addition to a strong educational level.

The students will have a mixture that includes global values ​​and principles in addition to a modern and international educational level.


Therefore, Istanbul Galata University welcomes its international students with positive educational steps to spread the values ​​and principles of the university at the international level.

In addition to providing university programs in line with modern and international education systems.

The University of Galata focuses its efforts in 4 different faculties, the Faculty of Dentistry, which includes 8 different departments that include all practical aspects of dental treatment, periodontal infections, jaw problems, cosmetic and orthodontics.

In addition to the Faculty of Dentistry, the University of Galata includes the Faculty of Sciences, Arts and Humanities with its various departments, and the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.

Istanbul Galata University worldwide

Istanbul Galata University has made significant progress in recent years, as characterized by ongoing collaboration with the Erasmus program for student exchange with the best universities in the world, funded entirely by the European Union.

Galata University offers excellent students great opportunities for travel and cultural exchange both for study and training purposes, attracting many advanced students, especially international ones.


Goals of Istanbul Galata University

  • Galata University aims to have a broad understanding of the advanced education system that follows global developments and keeps pace with the needs of the labor market.
  • Supporting the research studies of its students at every stage, creating an innovative environment for research, accompanied by teaching students the ability to think critically and the desire to always achieve the best.
  • Qualifying students with all the capabilities & skills required by the labor market and practical reality, along with personal and professional values & skills.
  • Galata University works to help students and guide them to careers that suit their desires and personality so that they are more productive and motivated which helps them to get good job opportunities.

Istanbul Galata University campus

The Galata University campus building is a 144-year-old historic building located in the center of Istanbul, in Beyoglu district.

At first it was used as a center for banking workers, then this ancient building was used as a hotel.

After that, it was used as a building for the British troops, eventually it was turned into the center of industry by the Chamber of industry in 1958, and now it is the campus of Istanbul Galata university.

Istanbul Galata university facilities

Galata University is one of the best universities in Turkey in terms of the facilities it provides to its students, as the University’s classrooms are equipped with the latest means.

In addition, you can take advantage of campus facilities, including the library, well-equipped and specialized laboratories, dining halls, lounges, sports fields, student clubs, and more.


Registration at Istanbul Galata University

To register at Istanbul Galata university, you must submit the documents announced by the University at specific times, which are as follows:

Documents required to register at Istanbul Galata University:

  • High School Certificate translated into Turkish or English and certified by foreign.
  • Valid passport.
  • 6 photos.

Istanbul Galata university tuition fees

Galata University is a private university, so you should expect some slightly higher fees compared to the public universities in Turkey.

But the good news is that since the language of many programs at this university is Turkish, the cost would be less than other universities that offer their programs in English.

Below is a list of programs offered at Istanbul Galata University with their tuition fees:

Bachelor’s programs

SpecializationYears of studyLanguage of studyFees before discountFees after discount
Interior design and environmental design4English5000$2500$
Public relations and Publicity4Turkish3500$1950$
Communication design4Turkish3500$1950$
Information management systems4Turkish4500$1950$
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4Turkish4500$1950$
Nutrition and diet4Turkish4500$1950$
Interior design and environmental design4Turkish4500$1950$
Training of trainers4Turkish4500$1950$
Turkish language course (Tomer)4Turkish1750$1000$


Two-year diploma

SpecializationYears of studyLanguage of studyFees before discountFees after discount
Oral and dental health2Turkish3000$1300$
First aid and emergency2Turkish3000$1300$
Medical imaging techniques2Turkish3000$1300$
Physical therapy2Turkish3000$1300$
Pharmacy services2Turkish3000$1300$

Frequently asked questions about Istanbul Galata University

In which city in Turkey is Galata university located?

Galata University is located in one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities, Istanbul, and as its name suggests it is only 5 minutes from the beautiful historical Galata Tower, one of Istanbul’s tourist attractions on Istiklal Street.

Is it possible to complete my education at another university in another country by studying at the University of Galata?

Yes, the University of Galata, like many of the best universities in the world, follows the EU-funded Erasmus student exchange programme, which has encouraged outstanding students to enroll at the University of Galata.

Does Galata University have good and modern educational equipment?

The facilities of Galata university are modern and sophisticated, including the Faculty of Dentistry, which itself includes eight modern specialized departments.