UAE.. a “new phase” of support for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria


On Wednesday, the UAE announced the transition to a new phase of support for the earthquake-affected people in Turkey and Syria, after two weeks of massive relief activity in the two countries.

This came according to a statement by the UAE Joint Operations Command, which was reported by the official news agency, WAM.

The UAE Joint Operations Command stated, “Operation Gallant Knight 2 has moved from the rapid response phase to the recovery and rehabilitation phase to support brothers and friends affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.”

During the new phase, the leadership plans to “conduct a naval effort to transport humanitarian, food and medical aid, while continuing the air effort according to priorities,” according to the agency.


It stated that “an Emirati health delegation will start a visit to Syria to rehabilitate Syrian hospitals, and projects to build camps and camps for refugees will start in both Syria and Turkey.”

According to the agency, “the field hospital will continue to operate in a reformatory area in the city of Gaziantep, in addition to the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed field hospital in the Reyhanli district of the Turkish city of Hatay.”

According to the agency, “the rapid response phase of Operation Gallant Knight 2 lasted for two full weeks, during which search and rescue teams were dispatched to both Syria and Turkey with a total of 134 rescuers, and an air bridge was operated.”

This stage also included “the number of flights reaching 136, while 3,772 tons of humanitarian, food and medical supplies were transported, and two field hospitals were opened in Turkey.”

On February 6, two successive earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 occurred in southern Turkey and northern Syria, causing great loss of life and property in both countries.

Since the earthquake, more than 16 Arab countries have announced the establishment of air bridges, the provision of urgent relief and medical aid, and the launch of donation campaigns to support Turkey and Syria.