A Malaysian doctor who studied in Turkey treats earthquake victims


In return for the favor, the Malaysian doctor, Brigadier General Imran Amir Hamza, continues to treat those affected by the double earthquake that struck southern Turkey on February 6, in a field hospital located in the state of Adi Yaman.

Doctor Hamza graduated from the “Gulhane” Military Academy of Medicine in the capital, Ankara, in 1989, and decided to come to Turkey voluntarily after the earthquake.

After the earthquake, 110 health workers from the Malaysian army arrived in the city, where they are providing health services in a field hospital set up in the Chelikhan area in the state of Adi Yaman.


His command of the Turkish language contributed to Dr. Hamza taking close care of the patients, accompanied by his team of 13 doctors, 16 specialists, and 81 nurses and technicians.

Hamza confirmed that he felt deep sadness after hearing the news of the earthquake, indicating that Turkey had witnessed a great disaster.

He said, “We went by two planes to here directly after the earthquake in Turkey and set up a field hospital in Celikhan. We are 110 people who came here in order to return the favor and out of loyalty.”