Turkish TOGG cars are bringing the world of mobility to Europe


According to the statement from the Automotive Initiatives Group, they are operating in Europe.

TOGG has also applied to establish a company called TOGG Europe GmbH, which is wholly owned by the center in Stuttgart, one of the ten shopping and innovation centers in Germany.

One of the main activities of TOGG Europe GmbH will be watching. TOGG will be the first gateway to Europe, user research.


TOGG Europe will be an important base

The center in Stuttgart will navigate the use case, the concept of the concepts of user-oriented mobility, smart, empathy, connected, shared and electrical that TOGG has registered as a global brand.

And in the mall, their solutions will be developed into solutions that suit the situation and their expectations.

A trademark will also be placed on the verge of completion of new business in this area.

It will be TOGG Europe

The most important commercial and economical in Germany

The TOGG selected Stuttgart region is Germany’s most important commercial and economic center with its innovative spirit.

Also in Stuttgart, one of the ten commercial malls in Germany: the center offers the opportunity to be included in the Stuttgart ecosystem.

And solutions that make it serious, its requests, the finest types, its counterparts, and the creation of the finest types of production.


More than 40 international and national companies operate and reside at the Innovation Center in Stuttgart, which operates “Industries”.

It will also be the first to manufacture the classic electric SUV in Europe.

Its inception in 2017, joined by more than 2,500 startups, and more than 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

And more than 100 research institutes, and more than 350 international companies to the hub ecosystem, the roof of 12 innovation centers in Germany.

And as a continuation of its activities with the aim of becoming the Turkish brand in the global competition.

TOGG will be Europe’s first innate classic SUV from 2022 when it begins production.

West TOGG produces 5 different electric and connected models around the joint platform in 2030.