Turkish sources: Israeli diplomats left on October 19


Turkish diplomatic sources announced on Saturday that Israeli diplomats have left the country since October 19.

The statements of the diplomatic sources came in response to the statement of Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen that he had given instructions for the return of his diplomatic representatives in Turkey to Israel.

In this context, Turkish sources confirmed that Israeli diplomats in Turkey had already left the country some time ago.

It added: “Israeli diplomats are not in Turkey at the present time. They left our country as of October 19.”

It confirmed that “in the memorandum they sent to the Turkish Foreign Ministry on October 18, they stated that in light of recent developments, diplomats at the embassy would leave Turkey as of October 19.”


The sources said: “It is difficult to understand to whom Cohen instructed to return (to Israel), because the diplomats he mentioned in his statement have already left our country.”

Israeli diplomats at the Tel Aviv embassy in Ankara, including Ambassador Irit Lilian, left Turkey on October 19 for “security” reasons.

Earlier Saturday, Cohen said that he had instructed Israeli diplomats in Turkey to return with the aim of “re-evaluating relations” between the two countries.

In a blog post on the “X” platform, he referred to the statements issued by Turkey regarding the Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.

He added that he had issued instructions to Israeli diplomatic representatives in Turkey to return to their country with the aim of “reconsidering Turkish-Israeli relations.”