Turkish Orient Train track.. Stunning views for photography enthusiasts


A trip on the Orient Train in Turkey is an unmissable opportunity for photography enthusiasts and lovers, especially since the path of this train passes through the most beautiful and beautiful regions, mountains and plateaus in the country.


The eastern train departs from the capital, Ankara, heading east to the state of Kars, covering a distance of 1,310 km, passing through the state of Qirikkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum.

The train journey from Ankara to Kars takes 25 hours and stops at 53 stations during the journey. During the journey, travelers can enjoy seeing the gushing streams and canyons deeply sunken into the depths of the earth.


The distance between the Kemah-Urzincan regions in particular attracts the interest of photography enthusiasts, especially since this distance is punctuated by the train crossing through forests, streams and valleys with charming views.

Photographer Ayhan Ozdemir said that the region enjoys an unparalleled autumnal beauty and that he rides the Orient train not to travel from one city to another, but only to photograph the beautiful landscapes that he encounters during the trip.


He added, “I went on a trip to take pictures on the Orient Train track, and I came across wonderful views that I took pictures of, and I invite everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to spend the best and most beautiful times on the Orient Train and enjoy their eyes with the charming views.”