Turkish Foreign Ministry summons the Greek ambassador to Ankara


The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Greek ambassador to Ankara to protest against allowing the (PKK) organization to demonstrate near the Ankara embassy in Athens and the facilities that his country provides to terrorist organizations.


Diplomatic sources said that the Turkish Foreign Ministry informed Greek Ambassador Christodoulos Lazaris of Ankara’s protest over the facilities that Athens provides to the terrorist organizations that Turkey is fighting, such as the (PKK, FETÖ) and the extremist leftist organizations.

Lazaris was informed that the aforementioned terrorist organizations easily engage in propaganda, financing and recruitment activities on the territory of Greece, which enhances their status as a safe haven for terrorist-related circles.

The ministry also presented the ambassador with the logistical capabilities and training that the terrorists in Lavrion camp would benefit from, as they pose a threat to Turkey’s security.


The ministry confirmed that the Lavrion camp has become a den of terrorism comparable to the PKK camps in Iraq and Syria.

The Foreign Ministry also informed the Greek ambassador of Turkey’s reaction and views on the public demonstration taking place near the Turkish embassy in Athens, starting from the aforementioned camp.

He expressed Turkey’s concerns about the security of Turkey’s missions and nationals in Greece, and reiterated Ankara’s aspirations for effective cooperation in combating terrorism.


She stressed the need for Greece to fulfill its responsibilities in combating terrorism in accordance with neighboring relations and international law.