Turkish Elazigs.. Teachers bake and cook for earthquake victims


In an effort to secure food for those affected by the earthquake in Malatya, volunteer school staff prepare bread and prepare soup in the kitchens and ovens of vocational high schools in the Turkish state of Elazig.

200 teachers and employees volunteer around the clock on day and night patrols and produce 40,000 loaves and soup enough for 40,000 people and delivered to the earthquake-affected.

The Director of Education in Elazig Province, Mehmet Yegit, said that they are making every effort to deliver bread and soup in the form of 3 hot meals per day to those affected.

He added, “We hope to increase our offering of bread and soup, which is about 40,000, to reach more than 50,000 within a few days. We will increase our support even more.”