Turkish coffee | its history in Turkey and the secret of making it

Turkish coffee | its history in Turkey and the secret of making it

Turkey is known as the center of coffee in the world, and it is a country that attracts many tourists, and perhaps not much has been heard about the delicious taste of Turkish coffee, but after trying it, its fame gradually increases for its uniqueness and unique flavor.

Coffee is one of the most popular souvenirs that can be bought from Turkey, and Turkish coffee is very common and is available in all cafes and restaurants and even in Turkish homes.

To prepare a cup of Turkish coffee and experience a taste, you must be very careful not to lose its pleasant taste.

In this article, we will explain to you how to prepare Turkish coffee and answer everything that raises your curiosity about it.

So we will take you back through time a little to learn how the popularity and pleasure of Turkish coffee reached what it is now in Turkey and the world.

History of Turkish coffee in Turkey :

  • In 1517, an Ottoman commander in Yemen came across a drink made from coffee beans
  • So he decided to offer this drink to Sultan Suleiman
  • This drink greatly impressed the Sultan and was awarded the royal insignia
  • After the introduction of coffee to Turkey, The Sultan chef prepared coffee in a new way, where he would beat coffee beans into a mortar and mix them with water in a special container known as (jizwa).
  • The coffee appeared in its new packaging in the palace and received great attention, as all officials hired people to make coffee and serve it at parties, and they called Turkish coffee maker (kahveci usta) in the past.

What is the difference between Turkish, Greek and Arabic coffee ?

Turkish coffee is not different from Greek, Turkish coffee became known as Greek coffee after entering Europe, except that it is the same coffee and it is basically Turkish coffee.

The difference between Arabic coffee is that in its preparation, cloves of saffron and rose are used and prepared in a bowl called rib, but Turkish coffee is distinguished by its unparalleled flavor.

How to make Turkish coffee like Turkish :

First, the equipment that are needed to make Turkish coffee :

  • Turkish coffee pot boiled (jizwi)
  • Sugar (to taste)
  • Turkish coffee or coffee powder
  • If the coffee is in the form of beans, it must be roasted and ground with one hand.

Second, the steps for making Turkish coffee :

  • Pour 1 cup of cold water for each person into the brewed coffee.
  • Place the brewed coffee on the stove and turn the heat up a bit until the water boils.
  • After the water boils, reduce the heat and pour 1 to 2 full teaspoons or 1 spoon of Turkish coffee per cup.
  • Be careful not to stir the coffee when pouring it into the water, and let your coffee disperse into the water because if you stir the coffee, it will turn into grains.
  • After two minutes, add the required amount of sugar to the coffee, but do not stir it, when adding sugar, increase the heat a little to melt the sugar.
  • Leave the coffee on the same heat for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • After the heat is dissipated a little and the sugar has dissolved, stir the coffee several times with a spoon and then reduce the heat.
  • After a few minutes, the foam will extinguish the coffee, in which case, take out the spoonful of the boiling coffee until the coffee froths.
  • When you see the first bubble on the coffee, reduce the heat or remove the brewed coffee from direct heat, and it should be noted that the coffee should not boil too much.

Notice :

This step is delicate and you should not take your eyes off the coffee and do not let the coffee boil too quickly because you might lose the taste of the coffee.

  • After the foam has formed on the coffee, remove the coffee foam with a spoon and pour it into the coffee cups, then heat the coffee again for 10 to 15 seconds until it boils and then fill the cups with coffee
  • Now your coffee is ready and you can enjoy the taste of Turkish coffee.
Turkish coffee | its history in Turkey and the secret of making it

Important tips before preparing Turkish coffee :

  • To get a better taste of the coffee, it is best to use filtered, cold and fresh water.
  • Highly acidic coffee is not prepared in the same way as Turkish coffee.
  • African coffee is more similar to the type of Turkish coffee because it contains the flavors that are put into it, so you can use it as a close alternative to Turkish coffee in case you cannot buy it from where you are.
  • The grinder suitable for Turkish coffee is very small, a bit like a cocoa powder machine.
  • The higher degree of grinding results in the coffee extracting faster and forming a higher concentration of its flavor.
  • The taste of Turkish coffee is sometimes very strong, because it contains more soluble solids and higher fats, but the amount of caffeine is not different from other types of coffee
  • You can pour water, coffee and sugar if you prefer into the jug first, then stir for 30 seconds

Additional notes :

If you are making Turkish coffee with hot water, it is important that the water temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, because the coffee foam disappears at high temperatures, while the same foam is very effective in the smell and taste of coffee.

When serving, Turkish coffee should have a foam, and on the other hand, the more coffee is brewed, the more bitter it is.

If you are not satisfied with the presence of coffee particles in the Turkish coffee drink, give it 30 seconds until all the particles have settled and form a layer at the bottom of the cup.

How to serve Turkish coffee in the original and traditional way ?

Firstly as you know, a cup of water should be served with Turkish coffee, and most people think that this is to clean the palate before drinking coffee, while it is the main reason for health! Where the texture and concentration of Turkish coffee causes dehydration and as a result the mouth dries up, and drinking water keeps the body hydrated.

In addition to water, in the traditional way, a type of dessert such as basil or delicious Turkish baklava is served with coffee, and sometimes Turkish coffee is made ready and mixed with Arabica and Robusta beans, and it is completely ground into powder.

You can also add aromatic spices like cardamom in your coffee and enjoy the taste.

After we presented our article, and by adhering to the original basic steps to prepare Turkish coffee, we consider ourselves that we helped you to fly to Turkey with only one cup of Turkish coffee.

Just by trying Turkish coffee and spreading the aroma of coffee in your home, and tasting its excellent flavor that is prepared according to the way Turkish cafes and their people, you will feel you have brought Turkey into your home.

Commonly asked questions about Turkish coffee :

– Can Turkish coffee be made with milk ?

Sometimes brewing Turkish coffee with milk is not a good way, because the milk is not able to dissolve and extract the coffee due to the concentration of the coffee powder and the possibility of adhesion between the particles, it is better to prepare Turkish coffee with water as prescribed and then finally add hot milk to it.

– How do we get the most delicious kind of Turkish coffee?

It is better to see the coffee cracking videos. Of course, as the Turkish coffee method is characterized by three main steps, which include the following steps: Firstly consider the appropriate amount of water, and put the boiled coffee with water with a gentle flame to boil, add 1 tablespoons of coffee or 2 per person.

– How long should coffee be left on the heat ?

When you see the first bubble on the top of your coffee, make the heat lower or take the coffee away from the heat to boil. Enough bubbles on the coffee top, is the main trick is to prepare the coffee this way.