Turkey launches “Arn Siege 12” security operation in the east of the country


On Saturday, the Turkish Interior Ministry announced the launch of Operation Arn Siege 12 for the fall and winter against PKK terrorists in the countryside of Ağrı and Igdir in the east of the country.


The ministry said in a statement that the Erzurum State Gendarmerie Command is carrying out the operation aimed at neutralizing the PKK terrorist organization in the region.

She noted the participation of 1,017 special forces and commandos in the gendarmerie and security guards.

She pointed out that the operations of “Arn Siege” for the fall and winter aimed at eliminating terrorism inside the country, stressing their continuation with success.

The Ministry of Interior began a series of “ARN” operations against the terrorist “PKK” in January 2021.


It is noteworthy that the name “Arn” was given to these operations in relation to the Turkish young man, Arn Bulbul, who was martyred by terrorists of the organization on August 11, 2017.