Turkey earns $46 million from strawberry exports in 2021


Turkey’s revenue from strawberry exports last year amounted to 46 million and 118 thousand US dollars.

According to the data of the Federation of Exporters of the Aegean region in the west of the country, published on Monday, the Turkish strawberry reached the markets of 43 countries around the world during the past year.


The data indicated that Turkey exported 25,600 tons of strawberries in 2020, and earned $25 million of it.

During 2021, the exported quantity increased by 66 percent compared to the previous year, reaching 42,500 tons.

Russia ranked first among the countries importing the most Turkish strawberries with 27 million and 810 thousand dollars.


It was followed by Romania with 8 million and 910 thousand dollars, and Iraq in third with 5 million and 608 thousand dollars.