Turkey.. Early tourist indicators herald a promising season


Vice-President of the Federation of Hotel Operators in Turkey, Mehmet Ishler, said that early foreign reservations rose 23 percent this year compared to last year’s season, which indicates a “bright year” for tourism.

The early booking season, which began last November and continues until next April, provides an opportunity for vacationers to spend a holiday at affordable prices.

Eichler stated in Thursday’s remarks that early reservations provide discounts for vacationers of up to 40-50 percent.


He pointed out that the year 2022 was the best year ever, with about 50 million tourists and revenues of approximately $46 billion.

He believed that the year 2023 will be much better with the increase in demand for early bookings from outside Turkey.

“Early overseas bookings for this year are 23 percent better than last year,” he added.