Turkey’s exports to the Middle East and the Gulf grew by 17.8 percent


Turkish exports to the Middle East and Gulf countries grew by 17.8 percent over the past year, with revenues of $34.2 billion.

According to data from the Turkish Exporters Council, during 2022 Iraq topped the list of countries that import the most from Turkey among the countries of the Middle East and the Gulf, by $10.5 billion.

In second place was Israel with $3.7 billion, then the UAE with $2.4 billion.


In this context, Syria imported $1.5 billion from Turkey last year, while Qatar’s imports amounted to $1.4 billion and Saudi Arabia’s $949.6 million.

As for Jordan, the value of Turkish exports to it amounted to 872.9 million dollars, and to Kuwait 636.5 million dollars.

On a related level, Saudi Arabia topped the countries in the region whose imports from Turkey witnessed the largest growth rate during 2022, by 400.3 percent.

It should be noted that Turkey’s total exports to the Middle East and Gulf countries amounted to $29 billion in 2021.