Turkey… Dust herds of livestock attract photography enthusiasts


Turkish ranchers embarked on a long journey with their flocks in search of pastures near the shores of Lake Van.

Where it is located in the state of Bitlis (southeast), which attracted the attention of photography enthusiasts from everywhere.


As the temperatures rose, the nomadic shepherds began to head with their flocks from the foothills of Mount Nemrut to the village of “Kidozu” in the Tetwan region of Bitlis, on a journey of approximately 15 kilometers.

What the photographers drew due to the scene of the rising dust as a result of the livestock walking.

The journey begins with families gathering all their belongings and homes consisting of tents and some simple possessions and walking with herds of livestock consisting of sheep and goats.

Speaking on Friday, Fatih Mehmet Özdemir, one of the photographers, said that the rising dust in the sky due to the journey to search for pastures resembles cinematic effects.


He added, “I came with several photographers to photograph this unique event.”