Turkey: Criminalization of not adhering to quarantine of the Coronavirus


Turkish Minister of Justice, Abdullah Hamid Gul, stated that failure to adhere to quarantine is a crime, in the light of the spread of the Coronavirus on a global level.

The Turkish minister said in a tweet via his account on the site “Twitter”, that “for the benefit of all, we must adhere to the measures taken by the official authorities.”

He added, “Acts that violate the public health of the people, such as not adhering to quarantine, are an offense,” according to the official Anatolia news agency.

The minister continued: “Please, the full commitment, should not be out of fear of legal sanctions, but for the sake of the future of our children and our country.”

The Turkish authorities announced earlier that they have taken new measures, including public places of rest and recreation, throughout the country, as part of the fight against the virus.

The Ministry of Interior circular provides for “a temporary closure of museums, cinemas, singing halls, weddings, and restaurants that offer musical performances, all kinds of cafes, casinos, bars, Internet cafes, games halls, closed children’s play areas, clubs, amusement parks, swimming pools, public baths, saunas, massages and sports centers.”