Turkey.. Caucasian dances over the frozen Lake Childer


Members of a folk dance group in the eastern Turkish state of Ardahan performed Caucasian dances on the frozen Lake Childer.

Ugur Akturk, Gamza Inci Turkoglu, and Sila Cetin showed off their dancing skills on the frozen surface of the lake, with the aim of drawing attention to the beauty of nature in the region.

Despite the difficulty of performing folk dances on ice, the team’s performance won the admiration of tourists.

Türkoğlu said that they are carrying out various activities to introduce Ardahan and Childer District.


And she reported that dancing on ice was difficult, but also fun at the same time, while Akturk said that they presented this dance show to draw attention to the beauty of the region.

Visitors to Lake Childer, located between the states of Ardahan and Kars in eastern Turkey, enjoy spending quality time on its frozen surface through various activities.

Visitors engage in various activities, such as horse-drawn sleigh rides, walking over the frozen surface, taking pictures, as well as drinking tea that gives them warmth.

Childer is the second largest lake in Turkey’s eastern Anatolia region, after its counterpart in Van, with an estimated area of 123 square kilometers.