Turkey.. Blanket exports grow 25% during 2021


Turkey’s exports of blankets grew by 25 percent last year, reaching 60 million and 166 thousand dollars.


According to data from the Aegean exporters’ associations in Turkey, the sector’s total exports amounted to 48 million 219 thousand and 992 dollars during 2020.

To increase in the following year by 25 percent and rise to 60 million and 166 thousand dollars.

And Germany ranked first among the list of countries that import the most Turkish blankets, during 2021, with a value of 8 million and 176 thousand dollars.

In second place, Libya came with 3 million and 90 thousand dollars, followed by the Netherlands with two million and 967 thousand dollars.


In his speech, Omar Sachli, a member of the Administrative Board of the “Sachli” Textile Company, said that the past year was positive for them in terms of blanket exports.

He added that they exceeded the levels they were aiming to achieve in terms of exports of this product.