Turkey.. Autumn increases tourist demand for “Muradiye” waterfalls


Tourist demand increased at the “Muradiye” waterfalls in the state of “Van” in southeastern Turkey, coinciding with the region’s wearing a different suit by the autumn season.


The waterfalls located on the “Bendimahi” river, which is 80 kilometers from the state center, are a magnet for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

With the increase in the amount of rain in the autumn, the waterfalls continue to flow with an increase in the level of water flowing from a height of 20 meters.

The waterfalls take on a new look with the advent of autumn, attracting tourists and local visitors, and enjoying their admiration in all seasons of the year.

Muradiye Falls is also a magnet for photography lovers, as it gives them the opportunity to see and photograph the autumn colors that are reflected in a landscape that resembles oil paintings.


In her speech, photographer Gulchen Gunay said that she goes to the area to take unique pictures in the autumn season, considering that the place looks like a “natural studio”.

The state of Van is distinguished by its embrace of many civilizations over the past centuries, and it includes various natural and historical monuments.

As well as the shores of its world-class lakes, it was described as the “Diamonds of Eastern Turkey”.