Turkey.. Artisan turns animal horns into masterpieces


Turkish craftsman Abdurrahman Shirin turns animal horns into decorative pieces and masterpieces for display.

Shirin (60 years old), who resides in the district of Tavsanli in the state of Kutahya in western Turkey, has been continuing his profession, which is almost like a hobby for 4 years.


The man in his sixties secures the horns of the animals he uses in this profession, from his warehouse, which includes the horns of different animals, which he collected for 34 years.

After making around 600 ornaments from animal horns, Shirin began displaying them in his workshop.

Speaking, he said he has been making small ornaments of various shapes and types from animal horns that he has collected from butchers’ shops since 1988.


He added that he plans to open a virtual exhibition on the Internet, so that as many people as possible can see his decorations and antiques.