Turkey.. A successful flight of a model of the “Bayraktar Akinci” drone


The Turkish company “Baykar” announced the success of the first flight of the modern model of the Bayraktar Akinci attack drone (Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA) developed with local capabilities.


The “B” model of “Bayraktar Akinci” is being developed within the framework of the “Akinci” project led by the Presidency of Defense Industries of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

“Baykar”, a leading manufacturer of parades, said in a statement published on Wednesday that the “B” model of the aircraft had successfully completed its first flight.

It is expected that the aforementioned model will be the most powerful and has the highest combat capabilities in the world among the aircraft in its category, according to company officials.

The “B” model made its first flight from the training and testing center designated for the project in Tekirdag, northwest Turkey, and lasted for one hour and 16 minutes.


The flight also witnessed successful tests of the pneumatic pneumatic meter of the “B” model, which has a power of 1500 hp.

The general manager of “Baykar” company, Khalouk Bayraktar, published scenes of the flight through his account on the “Twitter” website.

He said that the company had signed contracts with two countries to export Bayraktar Akinhi attack drones.

Bayraktar indicated that the company will soon test the flight of the “C” model of the same aircraft, which has a capacity of 1900 horsepower.

In turn, engineer Selcuk Bayraktar, technical director of Baykar, said on Twitter that the “B” model is the most powerful and has the highest combat capabilities in the world among attack drones.


He expressed his hope that the plane would bring good things to Turkey and its people.