Traveling to Bursa, Turkey – The Complete Guide


Bursa is one of the historical cities in Turkey, located in the southeast of the Marmara Sea, and Bursa is famous for its shopping centers and various markets.

Also, the tourist and historical attractions that remained from the era of the Ottoman rule until today attract many tourists and travelers every year.


It is one of the most aesthetic attractions in Bursa in the winter and it is a great opportunity to ski, as many skiers go to this city and go to the Uludag ski slope in the north of Bursa.

In our article, we will tour the historical city of Bursa to get an overview of traveling to the wonderful city of Bursa in Turkey.

Bursa takes an area of about 225.935 hectares, and it is located in the Anatolian Peninsula in the northwest and southeast of the Marmara Sea, and the distance from Bursa to Istanbul is estimated at 230 km.

The city of Bursa has a population of 2,842,000, which makes it the fourth most populous province in Turkey.

And most areas in this city are green and have extensive plants, hence the name Bursa, which is the green city.


A historical overview of the city of Bursa in Turkey

The history of the city of Bursa goes back to 4000 years, and it dates back to BC, when it was the first city to be named the capital of the Ottoman Empire in the fourteenth century and was also part of the Roman Empire.

This city is the capital of many civilizations and today it is full of historical monuments from those periods, and the mosques, historical churches and ancient baths are still in the Turkish city.

For example, one of the oldest mosques in the city dates back to the late 14th century, which is characterized by the style of Seljuk architecture.

The city was considered one of the largest centers of silk trade in the Middle Ages, and because of the wars waged by the Tatars and the Soviet government in this country.

As well as the Greek war that took place in this city, the city became a little far from public view.

But after the proclamation of the republic in Turkey, Bursa became one of the industrial centers in Turkey.

General information you need to know before traveling to Bursa

  • The language: The Turkish 
  • Currency: Turkish Lira

Basic phones within the city of Bursa :

  • Police: 155
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire number: 110
  • Tourism Police: 5274503


Weather conditions in Bursa

Bursa enjoys a moderate and slightly humid Mediterranean climate, the summers in this city are hot and humid, and the winters are very cold. 

The driest months of the year were reported in Bursa from June to September.

In January and February, we see heavy snowfall in this city, which attracts many tourists to ski, and for this reason, during the winter season, the peak of tourism occurs in Bursa.

How much does it cost to accommodate and travel to Bursa?

You can use the various hotels in the historical city of Bursa for accommodation.

The Holiday Inn hotel in Bursa is a three-star hotel and provides good facilities for travelers.

If you want to spend more, you can choose four-star hotels in this city, such as the Formback Thermal Hotels and the Montania Private Hotel.

These hotels are among the four-star hotels in Bursa, where you can choose freely through hotel reservation sites.


Food in Bursa

When traveling to Bursa, be sure to try Iskender Bursa Kebab meal, as this meal is the main dish of this city, it is a mixture of lamb and tomato sauce that goes well with yogurt.

We can recommend to you the best restaurants to taste Turkish food with the flavors of Bursa.

Best restaurants in Bursa :

Pidecioğlu Restaurant

You can go to Pidecioğlu Restaurant near Bursaspor Stadium for Iskender Kebab.

Haci Dayi Restaurant

Another good grill restaurant is Haci Dayi, located near Tophane area, where food prices are reasonable for you.

Sakarya Caddesi Seafood Restaurant

The restaurant is located ten minutes walk from Ulu Cami area, it is the busiest and highest quality restaurant in Bursa, this restaurant also offers a variety of seafood dishes.

Lalezar Türk Mutfağı Restaurant

The environment of this restaurant is a completely clean environment with a warm and friendly atmosphere, where many Turkish dishes are served, and these are very good prices at reasonable prices.


Some food costs in Bursa :

  • A typical single meal costs 15.00 lira
  • A meal for two in a typical restaurant costs 60.00 liras
  • McDonald’s hamburger costs 15.00 lira
  • Mineral water costs 0.97 liras

Transportation means in Bursa

Transportation in Bursa is slightly different from other cities in Turkey, as the city has its own Bursa metro system.

It is one of the fastest transportation routes in Bursa, which was established in 2000, and you can use this system to connect Bursa city center to the northwest of the city.

Where Bursa buses are also divided into two classes, the Boa system, which is the public bus in the city, and the deer system for private sector buses.

Other buses that abound in this city are mini buses.


Approximate transportation costs in Bursa :

  • One public transport ticket costs 2.85 lira.
  • The start-up cost of a taxi is 3.10 liras.
  • The cost per kilometer in a taxi is 3.00 liras.
  • The cost of one waiting hour is 30.00 liras.
  • Gasoline price is 5.32 liras.

Tourist attractions you need to visit when traveling to Bursa

Bursa Grand Mosque

It is an old mosque in Bursa, built by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I in the Seljuk style.

This mosque was built between 1396 and 1399 AD, and it has 20 domes and two minarets.

Ancient Inkaya Tree, Bursa

It is one of the most amazing trees in Bursa which has become an amazing attraction in the Oyuk Ghana district in the north of the city, where the Inkaya Tree is the oldest sycamore tree in Bursa.


Saitabat waterfall, Bursa

It is an incredibly beautiful waterfall on the slopes of Uludag Mountain, which is 12 km from Bursa at a height of 3 feet, and has given a beautiful effect to the city of Bursa.

Cumalıkızık Old Village, Bursa

Cumalıkızık Village is one of the oldest villages in the Turkish city of Bursa, which was established more than 700 years ago.

The village is located east of Bursa and the northern slopes of Uludag Mountain.

It has managed to preserve the culture, traditions, customs, architecture and way of life of the people during the early Ottoman period to the present day.

Activities that you can do in this Cumalıkızık Village :

  • Walk the narrow cobblestone streets of Cumalıkızık Village and see ancient architecture
  • Have a delicious meal in the traditional and old village cafes and restaurants
  • Visit the village’s old wooden mosque and Zakia hatun spring
  • Visit the old bathhouse of Cumalıkızık Village
  • Visit a hundred year old tomb near the village with beautiful, old and special tombstones.


Buying souvenirs when traveling to Bursa

Silk is one of the most important handicrafts found in Bursa, and to get silk, you can go to the silk market in the city.

This market is located in the Han Koza district of Bursa, Han Koza Bazaar was established in 1491, and the opening hours of this bazaar are from 8 AM to 8 PM.

There are also several cafes outside the market where you can relax after purchasing silk.

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Festivals in Bursa

There is an international festival in Bursa that is 50 years old, and this event known as Hacivat and Karagoz Shadow Show has been held in the city since June 1962, and tickets for this festival are prepared at the Tayyara Cultural Center.


Do’s and don’ts when traveling to Bursa:

  • Never put cash in your pockets while walking through crowded malls
  • The cost of taxis is high in Turkey, so do not use taxis in this city as much as possible
  • When Turkish people invite you to have tea or food according to their customs, you can turn down their invitation by placing your right hand on your chest as a sign of respect
  • A hijab and a full body covering must be worn when visiting mosques in this country.