TOMER Test – The Entrance Exam in Turkish Universities


TOMER test has become one of the most important requirements for admission to Turkish universities in recent years. This means that people who want to study in Turkey, especially those who study Turkish, must take this test.

The question is, what is the TOMER test?

The word TÖMER is the abbreviation for Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi, and it means the Turkish Language Teaching Center.

As its name suggests, the TOMER test is conducted in Turkish. However, it should be noted that if a person wants to study in English-speaking universities in Turkey, he/she must pass the TOEFL test instead of the TÖMER test. The purpose of this test is to determine the level of the Turkish language skills for applicants to study in Turkey.

The test is administered by UTS, which means Uzaktan Türkçe Sınavı, and is administered by Ankara University (

What is the TOMER test?

TOMER is a measure of the Turkish language skills for applicants to study in Turkish universities, and it is run by Ankara University and is held weekly.

The registration fee for this test is 100 euros. The minimum college entry score for TÖMER is 60. In this test, you must answer 100 questions in 240 minutes. Test results are announced within 3 to 15 days after the test.

Types of TOMER test

The Tomer exam is offered in two types

  • Diploma
  • TOMER Certificate (Sertifika)

Types of diplomas

  • Elementary certificate
  • middle School certificate
  • Intermediate intermediate certificate
  • Diploma

At the end of each of these courses and obtaining the final degree, the student can be promoted to a higher course. In these courses, one must be able to pass all four major skills of Turkish language. If you fail, you will have to retake the course again. Finally, after completing all the courses, the person is awarded a diploma.

 TOMER Certificate (Sertifika)

In the above lines, detailed explanations are provided for what is the TÖMER test. This type of test is used to study in Turkey and emigrate to Turkey.

Types of this test are valid for a period of 6 months to two years and are held at two levels. These two levels are the introductory level, which is valid for 6 months, and the applicants in this test must pass at least a B2 degree in order to obtain a preliminary certificate. With this arrangement, the TOMER certificate will be valid for two years. However, in order to obtain an intermediate certificate, a person must be able to obtain a B1 degree.

TOMER test levels

The TOMER exam contains 6 levels from A1 to C1. They are summarized below:

  • Level A1: At this level, the student’s ability to answer simple questions is measured with very simple answers.
  • A2: At this level, basic language knowledge is evaluated. At this level, one must be able to respond to anticipated problems. scores in this level range from 50 to 59.
  • Level B1: At this level, a person must have a moderate knowledge of the Turkish language, according to which he can do his personal work or be able to do his work in unusual and unexpected circumstances. The result of this section is between 60 and 65.
  • B2: At this level, a person must have a good and reasonable knowledge of the Turkish language in order to understand a myriad of issues. The degree of this level is between 66 and 70.
  • C1 level: At this level a person must have a very good knowledge of the Turkish language. Unexpected issues should be managed by the individual. The degree of this level is between 71 and 100.
  • C2 level: This level is the highest level in the Turkish language where a person can know the Turkish language as if it is the mother tongue.

Important note: It is important to know that applicants with a score of less than 50 will not obtain a TOMER certificate.

Skills of TOMER exam

The TOMER test for the Turkish language is held in the field of specific skills in the following section: 1- Understanding 2- Reading 3- Conversation 4- Writing, The TOMER Skills section contains six sections that the applicants are required to do and these sections are as follows:

  • Talk
  • reading
  • Building
  • Listen
  • Writing
  • Pronunciation
  • Interaction

TOMER test sources

There are many resources available to prepare for this test, the most important of which are:

  • HiTiT Book Collection: These books are written specifically for TÖMER applicants. In fact, this source can be considered one of the most important books to pass this test. Of course, what you need to consider about the TÖMER exam is the purpose you are looking for in this test, for example, do you need this test to sign up for school, a work visa, etc.
  • MER Books Collection: At the end of these books, you will have access to a sample of questions that are asked in the TOMER test.
  • You can also use Turkish dictionaries. The most important of these dictionaries is Büyük Türkçe Sözlük.
  • The HiTiT book, written and prepared specifically for the TOMER exam, is taught at a number of language education centers all around the world.

TOMER test scores

The minimum score for each section is 10, the maximum for the course is 25, and in the end, the score will be 100 in this exam. The Reading Comprehension section contains 25 points. While the conversation section contains 15 points and the oral explanation section 10 points. The written explanation also contains 25 points.

TOMER test references

The main reference is the organizer of the TÖMER exam in the University of Ankara. All of these tests are conducted by universities around the world. The University of Ankara has established agencies to develop the Turkish language with the aim of expanding the Turkish language worldwide.

TOMER test location

The TOMER test is held in Turkey and in most cities every year, however, the number of participants in the TÖMER test in Istanbul is higher because it is held on average every week in Istanbul for job seekers in Turkey or who want to live in Istanbul, obtain Turkish citizenship

Of course, registration for the TÖMER exam can also be done from your country of origin.

Note that in order to register for the TOMER test, you will not need to obtain a Turkish visa, but you can easily participate in this test in Turkey even with a tourist visa.

TÖMER exam

According to the Ankara University’s preparations, anyone, anywhere in the world, will have easy access to this test. The TÖMER test will also be available to applicants free of charge one or two days before the main test. After registering and paying for the exam, you will be given a password that will allow you to log in to your UTS profile and take the test. The results of the TOMER test will be announced within 3 and 15 business days.

The necessary documents to register for the TOMER exam

How to register for the TOMER test? What documents do we need to take this test? To take this test, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Two personal photos
  • passport
  • If you do not have a passport, translate the ID card into Turkish
  • Pay the test fee

The cost of registration in the TOMER test

The cost of the TOMER test can vary depending on the regulator. For example, in order to take this test, the applicant must pay about 150 euros to obtain a TÖMER diploma. The cost of taking this test is about 100 euros.